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5 Weird Video Game Characters

5 Weird Video Game Characters

    Last Updated on April 16, 2023

Weird video game characters have been around since, well, video games. They add comic relief and a dash of fun to any game that has them. Some like them, and some don’t, but that’s life.

Now who are the weirdest video game characters? That’s a question that can be difficult to answer, given the wide variety of gaming characters out there. However, there are a few that stand out as particularly strange and unusual. 

In this article, we’ll take a look at 5 weird video game characters that are sure to raise eyebrows. These playable characters will leave you scratching your head.

Kingdom Hearts: Sora

Weird Video Game Characters Sora

Sora is a playable character in the Kingdom Hearts series, which combines elements of Square Enix’s Final Fantasy series and Disney’s animated films. While Sora may seem like a typical action hero at first glance, his backstory and abilities are far from ordinary. 

Sora wields a key-shaped sword called the Keyblade, which allows him to lock and unlock doors. Additionally, he can travel between worlds. 

He’s also linked to a strange creature called a Heartless, which you can control during battles. Sora’s overall appearance is also quite unusual, with spiky hair, big shoes, and a bizarre outfit.

Stardew Valley: Krobus

Weird Video Game Characters Krobus

Krobus is a non-playable character in the farming simulation game Stardew Valley. He’s a shadow creature who lives in the sewers beneath the player’s farm. He’s known for his strange appearance and behavior.

 Krobus has large, glowing eyes and a tentacle-like mouth, and he speaks in a strange language that requires translation. Despite his creepy appearance, Krobus is friendly and helpful to the player. He sells rare items and materials that you can use in crafting.

Goat Simulator: Goat

Goat from Goat Simulator

In Goat Simulator, the playable character is a goat. That’s right, a goat. The game is known for its absurdity and lack of purpose. The player controls a goat and is free to run around and cause chaos. 

The goat has a long, sticky tongue that it can use to grab objects and fling them around. It can also headbutt things with great force because you’re a goat. There’s not much else to say about this game or its titular character, other than that it’s weird.

Resident Evil 2: Tofu

Weird Video Game Characters Tofu

Tofu is a playable character in the survival horror game Resident Evil 2. Yes, you read that right. Tofu. Tofu is a large block of tofu that has gained sentience and the ability to walk around on its own. 

In the game, Tofu is a bonus character that you can unlock by completing certain challenges. Tofu’s goal is to survive in the zombie-infested Raccoon City. Tofu has no weapons or special abilities, and its only defense is a knife. Despite its seemingly ridiculous nature, Tofu has become a beloved character among Resident Evil fans.

Animal Crossing: Agent S

Animal Crossing is known for its charming and adorable characters, but one of the weirdest is Agent S. Agent S is a squirrel who wears a helmet and carries a laser gun. If that isn’t weird enough, she speaks in a robotic, futuristic voice. 

She’s obsessed with science fiction and space travel, and she often talks about her dreams of exploring the galaxy. While she may seem out of place in the peaceful world of Animal Crossing. Agent S is a beloved character among fans of the series.

Every gaming characters come in all shapes and sizes. These 5 weird video game characters are just a sample of the many unusual characters out there. Whether they’re playable characters or non-playable characters. Weird video game characters have the power to surprise and entertain us with their strange appearances and behaviors.

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