5 Strongest Valorant Characters in the Lore

5 Strongest Valorant Characters in the Lore

    Last Updated on February 27, 2023

The Valorant Characters we know and love will be ranked according to their strengths based on the lore. The backstory of each Radiant provides them with vastly different power spikes. 

The lore in the game is told through cinematics and breadcrumbs that are added with patches. A Valorant Character is sometimes in the spotlight here and there in little snippets.

Once players dive into the overarching lore, they will find that their favorite Valorant characters have intriguing backstories. Moreover, there are drastically different power levels when subject to comparison.

From those who can manipulate elements to others who can harness the power of the cosmos, Valorant is filled with agents that make for great stories and debates.

This article will focus on the five strongest Valorant characters according to the lore.

5. Neon

Image of Neon

Despite being the youngest agent in the Valorant Protocol, Neon is one of the most powerful agents in the lore. 

According to an interview done on PhilSTAR Life, Neon found her bioelectric powers nearly two decades ago – “which has enlaced itself with Earth’s radianite mesh.” 

There are also hints that she is capable of unfathomable power. Which also affects her emotions. Her surge protector is the only one that can hold back her powers. The power of lightning should never be belittled.

4. Yoru

Image of Valorant Characters Yoru

Hailing from the city of Tokyo, Yoru prefers to work as a lone wolf. The Radiant also possibly comes from a line of ancestors who were part of an ancient order of samurai. In his search for his ancestors, he also came upon the map Icebox from where he stole his samurai mask.

You can tear into the dimensions of reality and enter it to reappear elsewhere. Although an arrogant Agent, his arrogance matches the power to manipulate dimensions. His ability make him a powerful being in his own right.

3. Omen

Image of Omen

Omen is one of the Valorant characters with mysterious origins and amnesia regarding his past life and his real identity. He utilizes his power over the shadows to create paranoia and fear among the enemies while teleporting wherever he chooses to.

A mysterious being who can sense the power of the other agents is a formidable agent. Even as a mystery, he is certainly an agent capable of causing nightmares to his enemies.

2. Sage

Image of Sage

Sage is the second-in-command of the Valorant Protocol. She is also in charge of recruiting and training new members of the team. Her teammates undoubtedly often rely on her and she responds in kind.

Her healing and resurrection abilities are the main factors of Sage ranking among the top. The Bastion of China is no pushover when it comes to combat prowess. No one should underestimate the ability to bring back a dead teammate.

1. Astra

Image of Valorant Characters Astra

Such as the lore is concerned, Astra is the strongest agent there is. The Ghanian Agent also has ties to the well-being of the cosmos. She is also an Astral Guardian, an entity that ensures that no major consequences come from any universe-altering events. 

When there is an Astra on the enemy team, KAY/O comments that their Astra “does not protect reality, but destroy worlds.”  KAY/O’s remarks effectively cement just how powerful Astra is as an agent. Being an entity that can control cosmic powers, Astra is the most powerful Agent in the game, lore-wise.

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