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5 Simulation Games You Should Try

5 Simulation Games You Should Try

    Last Updated on March 21, 2023

Why are simulation games popular? Well, the real world can be quite a chore to interact with all the time. Video games solve this chore, and each person has preferences. Let’s talk about simulation games this time because they can make you experience stuff. 

This genre is unique because it attempts to emulate the experience of a certain thing. From goats, farming, trucking, flying, managing, and even doctoring, there is no shortage of things to emulate. 

Why do we need this genre? Because it is a necessary experience for everybody. There is bound to be a simulation game out there that fits your preference. That being said, here are 5 simulation games that we think you should test out!


Image of Simulation Games Worldbox

It is time to play as a creative god in this small world of your making. Super Worldbox is a god simulator from 2012 developed by Maxim Karpenko on the Unity engine. Undoubtedly, it promises the pleasure of seeing creation in the eyes of a higher being. 

With four races to cultivate, and many things to mix in, this experience isn’t boring. This game asks the player: Are you good enough for this?

Despite how it looks, Worldbox is still in beta, with the latest version being 0.21 during publication. With only one person developing the game, it is understandable that it takes time. But one thing you can’t take away from this game is its superior quality.

The Sims

Image of the Sims Simulation Games

When it comes to describing this game, there isn’t much to say. The Sims is a timeless classic that simulates the daily living of characters called Sims. From building your dream house to getting the dream life, Sims allows you to live out your fantasy. Of course, this came from years of experimentation and experience from the developer team.

Sims 4 is the peak of the Sims franchise, and with it becoming free, it ascended to a higher status. With many expansion packs, the gameplay undoubtedly doesn’t feel stale. There are also plenty of opportunities. As we wait for the next expansion, stop and smell the flowers in this amazing life simulator.

Cities: Skylines

Image of Cities: Skylines Simulation Games

Creating cities with no labor and effort takes its place here. This game is an amazing simulation of managing a thriving city. Cities: Skylines sees you as a planner and sort of mayor trying to make a place for their citizens. From bustling traffic, to where the sewage goes, this is all on you, Mayor. In your hands, you have the various tools to create the city of your dreams.

The game is kept alive by the numerous DLCs and mods in its lifetime. Although it is still popular, its successor, Cities: Skylines II, is slated to arrive soon. But in the meantime, Cities: Skylines continues to push boundaries in city management.

Microsoft Flight Simulator

Image of Flight Simulator

Microsoft is known worldwide for its operating system. Over 40 years ago, Microsoft released a flight simulator that was different from their business systems. It offers a much different experience from other Microsoft applications—because it’s a standalone game.

As a simulator, it offers the most realistic flight experience outside of training programs. Its complexity is much less than actual flights, but it offers this partiality well.

The game is quite large, however, due to the scope of the entire world. Make sure to prepare your disks, because they will occupy at least 100+ gigabytes of memory.

Railway Empire

Image of Railway Empire Sim Game

Nothing quite excites a management genre player more than captaining a set of trains. Railway Empire employs you as an owner of a railway company. Set in the American golden age of the railway, your goal is to connect towns and enrich them. Of course, in line with the period of the game, you have access to historical engines.

Should you find yourself at the end of this pioneering journey, it’s not the end of the rails. The publishers and dev released DLCs for the game that expands your reach. Your DLC path also leads you to the North EU, Australia, Germany, and France. Then it takes you far east, as the game places you in charge of a company in Japan. If you think you got what it takes to be top brass of the rails, you should try Railway Empire out.

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