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3 Forgotten Video Games Not Many Know

3 Forgotten Video Games Not Many Know

    Last Updated on March 11, 2023

Did you know that there are forgotten video games that not many players remember? Whether that be an enemy’s presence or their attack pattern, forgetting is a constant plague. But there is a wonder to forgetting, and that is the joy of remembering them again. 

However, we can attribute it to the law of scarcity, where we value something more if it’s in short supply. If this is the case, then how can we forget something we might not know? 

Many times, we find ourselves seeking something in a game that escapes our expressions. A single mechanic, or a vague memorable character, it’s all a relatable experience. Video games come in the thousands at the turn of the year, so what are we looking for? 

Is it a new way to play, or something resembling the gaming classics? Whether it’s a dragging endeavor or a blitz run-through, there are forgotten video games we think you should replay. Drop by our website to read more articles like this.

The Longing

Image of The Longing Forgotten Video Games

How long do you want to commit to a single video game? This is the question asked by this game, called The Longing. You enter the world as a Shade, the last follower of an old king in an underground sprawl. 

The King tells the Shade of his plan to sleep for 400 days to regain his power and to wake him after. While waiting, the Shade can do a host of activities in the underground. These activities also include reading, decorating, and changing the physical layout of the underground.

The Longing is a game of patience and commitment, a staple for the idle genre. Its selling point is in seeing through your efforts as you play the Shade. Different endings are possible, and your decisions impact the outcome. A game doesn’t have to be replayable to be good, it can also be impactful.

Contra (1987)

Let’s take a step back into the era of the old desktop monitors and enter the classic game that is Contra (1987). This 2D scroll-style arcade game is a shooting game about commandos fighting all manner of extraterrestrial enemies.

The game introduces pseudo-3D levels where the player progresses by moving toward the background. In its time, it proved to be a difficult game to play, yet remained fun and engaging. It’s also one of the most underrated and forgotten video games.

If we considered the impact Contra had on the people they tried to beat the first levels, it isn’t much. But it’s not the difficulty of the game or the retro music that makes it great. What made it great is its replayability, and even if you’ve died many times, you just keep going. Games often forget about this and tend to fall off. Contra isn’t popular by any means, but it is a classic.

Chicken Invaders

Image of Chicken Invaders

Imagine chickens in space, now imagine shooting them from a spaceship. Drumsticks fly across your screen as this classic takes you to space against an army of poultry! Inspired by the classic space invaders, Chicken Invaders lived as a parody of the game.

The gameplay is simple: shoot chickens, get power-ups, and survive as long as you can. Its endless design made it fun to play again, and it caught popularity.

Its premise is simple and the replay potential is great, this is what games should be. Chicken Invaders is proof that parodies can shine beyond their intended humorous imitation. Shooting chickens in space doesn’t make sense, but boy is it fun and hilarious.

So, those are three forgotten video games we think you should play again. If you liked this article, you can read more on our website. You can also follow us on social media to stay updated with the latest esports and gaming news.

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