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3 Best Genshin Free-to-Play Characters

3 Best Genshin Free-to-Play Characters

    Last Updated on May 17, 2023

It could be alluring to roll for the newest 5-star, topping up your account on Hoyoverse in the process. Whether the design of the kit or the high damage that comes with its premium nature. Or you just want the character. This question has been bothering us for quite some time now, to be honest. Is it really possible to complete Genshin Impact without having to commit any money? Is a team of free-to-play characters even viable for the endgame content or grind of the game itself? Well, in our opinion, yes, it absolutely is. With all that said, here are 3 of the best Genshin free-to-play characters players can enjoy.


Genshin Free-to-Play Characters Bennett

To say that Bennett has a great kit is a huge understatement. His kit is one of the best, and even sometimes considered broken, in the game. The fact that he is a 4-star, meaning anyone can get him, makes him a unit worth investing in. 

So what makes this unlucky adventure such a blessing to anyone’s account? The biggest selling point is his elemental burst. When a character enters his ring, they regain 70% of their health instantly. But that’s not all. His burst not only heals but gives an atk buff to anyone who stands inside his ring. The buff scales off his base atk. So if you give him a weapon with a high base atk, then the buff increases.

This buff is what makes Bennet such an asset for many characters. Supports get their skills and burst buffed. DPS characters can give big damage. What’s more, this buff applies to everyone. Regardless of the element, they are going to receive that buff. This alone makes him a solid unit for a 4-star, and one everyone can play.

When it comes to energy, you should not have any problems as well. His burst cost is relatively low, and his elemental skill’s cooldown is pretty short. Meaning you can get his burst up and go in no time.


Genshin Free-to-Play Characters Xinqui

From one broken 4-star to another. Coming from the hydro element, Xingqui has become the most used hydro support. Xingqui’s elemental skill creates rain swords around the character that can be applied to the enemy. Not only that, but it also provides damage reduction as well as a bit of healing when the duration expires. 

His elemental burst, on the other hand, summons rain swords every so often. They both deal damage and apply hydro to the target.

In terms of team comps, he’s pretty flexible and shines well. Freeze, taser, melt. His constant hydro application makes reactions greater and more frequent. Even with the release of Dendro, he’s still making rounds with his kit. 

As a support, he will need large amounts of energy, so try to get artifacts with an energy recharge sub-stat. His best weapon is also pretty free-to-play. Pair him with the Sacrificial Sword and you’ll be ready for his burst in no time. 


Genshin Free-to-Play Characters Xiangling

Xiangling is one of the free characters you obtain while playing the game. You get here once you clear floor 3 of the spiral abyss. While dedicated DPS 4-stars aren’t as talked about as their 5-star counterparts, Xiangling is a unique case. Her DPS is actually off-field in the form of her elemental burst. 

Her Pyronado circles around you while dealing Pyro damage. This wide coverage is great for dealing with mobs. What’s more, is that she works well with almost every spear in the game. From craftables to premium 5-star weapons. This makes building her easy without compromising her damage. Her best in-slot weapon is “The Catch” which you can obtain in the game. Pair her with the artifact set “Emblem of Severed Fate” and you are good to go.

While there are characters who are both premium 5 stars and require certain weapons and builds to function. Many are attainable by playing the game for free. 

If you want to play without light spending or full-on whaling, then you can still get around with these Genshin free-to-play characters.

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