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10 Best Water Type Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

10 Best Water Type Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

    Last Updated on September 27, 2023

One of the key decisions every trainer faces is selecting their team, and choosing the right Water-Type Pokémon is essential for success. With the introduction of the Teal Mask DLC, there are new Pokemon to consider as the best water type Pokemon Scarlet and Violet can offer.

In this article, we’ll dive deep into the world of Water-Type Pokémon and uncover the top contenders for the title of the best water type Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

Azumarill: The Powerhouse You Shouldn’t Underestimate

An image of Azumarill one of the Best Water Type Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Base Stats: HP 100 / Atk 50 / Def 80 / SpAtk 60 / SpDef 80 / Speed 50

When it comes to the best water type Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have, Azumarill stands out even generations apart. While this adorable-looking Pokemon may seem cute, it packs a ton of power. The key to Azumarill’s strength lies in its Huge Power ability, which doubles its Attack stat, turning it into a wrecking ball.

Azumarill has to make a choice between two physical Water-type moves: the stronger but slightly inaccurate Aqua Tail or the more reliable Liquidation. In addition, it can also utilize Belly Drum and Aqua Jet to capitalize on its huge attack and slow speed. Moreover, it offers a ton of coverage with Fairy-type moves, Superpower, and Bounce.

Gastrodon: The Special Wall and Attacker Combo

An image of Gastrodon

Base Stats: HP 111 / Atk 83 / Def 68 / SpAtk 92 / SpDef 82 / Speed 39

Gastrodon is another Water-Type Pokémon that deserves a spot on your team. Its specialization in the Special Defense department makes it an exceptional special wall. Additionally, it has the coveted Water/Ground dual typing that completely negates Electric type attacks. When compared to Whiscash, Gastrodon not only excels defensively but also possesses a strong offensive presence.

With moves like Earth Power and Surf in its arsenal, Gastrodon can dish out significant damage. It can also enhance its defense with Acid Armor and can serve as a deterrent to the enemy with Recover and Mirror Coat. Gastrodon is a reliable choice for those who seek both defense and offense in their Water-Type Pokémon.

Veluza: The Impressive Physical Powerhouse

An image of Veluza

Base Stats: HP 90 / Atk 102 / Def 73 / SpAtk 78 / SpDef 65 / Speed 70

Veluza is one of the new Pokémon introduced in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, and it’s making waves in the Water-Type category. This physical powerhouse stands out with its moveset, which includes powerful STAB moves like Liquidation and Psycho Cut. But what truly sets Veluza apart is its unique movepool, featuring Night Slash, Drill Run, and the high-risk, high-reward Final Gambit.

For those looking to take Veluza to the next level, the Ability Patch earned from high-level Raids can grant it the Sharpness ability, boosting the power of its slicing moves. Veluza’s exclusive move, Triple Dive, is perfect for eliminating enemy substitutes, and it even has the all-important priority move, Sucker Punch, up its sleeve.

Ludicolo: The Rain Dance Party Starter

An image of Ludicolo

Base Stats: HP 80 / Atk 70 / Def 70 / SpAtk 90 / SpDef 100 / Speed 70

Ludicolo brings a unique flair to the Water-Type category with its festive appearance. Known as the sombrero Kappa, Ludicolo thrives in rainy conditions, thanks to its Rain Dance setup capabilities, Swift Swim ability, and synergy with other rain-boosted Pokémon.

Ludicolo doesn’t just rely on its dancing skills; it packs a punch with moves like Hydro Pump, Energy Ball, Giga Drain, Focus Blast, and Surf. This diverse moveset provides both coverage and high damage output through STAB, making Ludicolo a fantastic choice for rain-based teams.

Poliwrath: The Well-Rounded Fighter

An image of Poliwrath

Base Stats: HP 90 / Atk 95 / Def 95 / SpAtk 70 / SpDef 90 / Speed 70

Poliwrath’s design is iconic and simple, making it a fan favorite. With even stat distribution, Poliwrath doesn’t excel in one area but doesn’t lag behind in any either. Its Swift Swim ability allows it to outspeed many opponents, giving it an edge in battles. When paired with a Rain Dance Pokemon, it can devastate opponents with ease.

Poliwrath can unleash powerful attacks like Dynamic Punch, Liquidation, and Earthquake, especially when set up with Belly Drum. Its adaptability and decent stats make it a reliable choice for trainers seeking a well-rounded Water-Type Pokémon.

Vaporeon: The Beloved Eeveelution

An image of Vaporeon

Base Stats: HP 130 / Atk 65 / Def 60 / SpAtk 110 / SpDef 95 / Speed 65

Eeveelutions are beloved by gamers, and Vaporeon is no exception. With its sleek design and impressive stats, Vaporeon is a Water-Type Pokémon that stands out. It excels both defensively and offensively, making it a versatile pick.

Vaporeon’s offensive movepool includes options like Ice Beam, Hydro Pump, Shadow Ball, and even the surprise Grass-type coverage move, Trailblaze. Calm Mind is a boon for Vaporeon, boosting its Special Attack and Special Defense significantly, making it a formidable force in battles.

In terms of defense, Vaporeon has a wide array of moves that will help it last battles and render enemies useless. Acid Armor, Baby Doll Eyes, and Aqua Ring can make it a menace on the battlefield

Quaquaval: The Fighting Duckling

An image of Quaquaval

Base Stats: HP 85 / Atk 120 / Def 80 / SpAtk 85 / SpDef 75 / Speed 85

If you’ve chosen Quaxly as your starter Pokémon in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet, its final evolution, Quaquaval, is a force to be reckoned with. As a Dual-Type of Fighting and Water, it gains advantages over several types, making it a valuable addition to your team. Additionally, it has the coveted hidden ability, Moxie, which boosts its attack every time it knocks out a Pokemon.

Quaquaval boasts a remarkable Attack stat and the ability to learn potent Fighting and Water-Type moves like Close Combat, Wave Crash, and the speed-raising Aqua Step. With its balanced stats and capability as a Physical Sweeper, Quaquaval is an excellent offensive choice.

Palafin: The Cute Yet Monstrous Attacker and the 3rd Best Water Type Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

An image of Palafin the 3rd Best Water Type Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Base Stats (Zero Form): HP 100 / Atk 70 / Def 72 / SpAtk 53 / SpDef 62 / Speed 100

Base Stats (Hero Form): HP 100 / Atk 160 / Def 97 / SpAtk 106 / SpDef 87 / Speed 100

Palafin is the literal definition of the zero-to-hero theme. Being one of the new additions to the Pokémon world, it offers a unique mechanic. When sent into battle for the second time in an encounter, it transforms into its Hero Form, boasting impressive stats, including a stellar Attack stat equal to Slaking and Regigigas.

Palafin’s movepool is equally impressive, featuring Wave Crash, Close Combat, Outrage, Zen Headbutt, and Drain Punch. Its almost-exclusive move, Flip Turn, allows for seamless setup, making it a formidable attacker.

Milotic: The Timeless Beauty and the 2nd Best Water-Type Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

An image of Milotic the 2nd best water type Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Base Stats: HP 95 / Atk 60 / Def 79 / SpAtk 100 / SpDef 125 / Speed 81

Milotic, a fan-favorite pure Water-Type Pokémon introduced in Ruby and Sapphire, continues to captivate trainers with its elegant design and impressive stats. Its abilities, including Marvel Scale and Competitive, have solidified its position as a top-tier Water-Type Pokémon.

Marvel Scale transforms Milotic into a formidable tank, while Competitive boosts its Special Attack when its own stats are intentionally lowered. With each generation, Milotic becomes even stronger and remains a popular choice among trainers.

Gyarados: The Classic Powerhouse and the Best Water Type Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Gyarados is the best water type pokemon scarlet and violet

Base Stats: HP 95 / Atk 125 / Def 79 / SpAtk 60 / SpDef 100 / Speed 81

Gyarados has been a top-tier Pokémon since the first generation. Raising a Magikarp to this formidable Water/Flying-type is now easier than ever. It just goes to show that any Pokemon, with proper dedication, can turn into a powerhouse.

While Gyarados may be slower than some other Pokémon, its access to Dragon Dance at level 36 turns it into an unstoppable force. In addition, it also has the hidden ability, Moxie, boosting its capability as a sweeper even further. Moves like Waterfall, Earthquake, and Stone Edge provide Gyarados with the firepower it needs to dominate battles.


In the ever-expanding world of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, choosing the right Water-Type Pokémon is crucial for success. Whether you opt for the power of Azumarill, the versatility of Vaporeon, or the uniqueness of Palafin, your choice can make all the difference. Each Water-Type Pokémon on this list brings its own strengths to the table, and they are truly deserving of the best water type Pokemon Scarlet title.

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