All You Need to Know about VCT Lock-In Brazil

All You Need to Know about VCT Lock-In Brazil

    Last Updated on February 1, 2023

VCT Lock-In Brazil, São Paulo, or VCT Brazil, is one of the most significant Valorant LAN events for this Valorant in 2023. As it turns out, it will also be one of the most intense Valorant tournaments in history, with Riot Games announcing a single-elimination bracket with no group stage for all 32 teams.

It will be a brave new world for VALORANT fans this 2023. This year also marks the start of Riot’s five-year plan for the esports side of VALORANT, bringing along franchising and a mostly closed ecosystem. 

Even more, many players and esports organizations finding new places for themselves in the new competitive VCT VALORANT. Also, we can expect the kick-off event of the year to be as exciting as they come.

VCT Lock-In Brazil Details

Image of VCT Finals

The VCT Schedule of this event starts from February 13 to March 4. Even more, there will be a total of 32 teams who will compete against each other. It also allows them to earn their region an extra slot in the upcoming VCT Masters event in Japan.

All partnered teams from the Americas, Pacific, and EMEA leagues will be participating, along with two additional Chinese teams, Edward Gaming, and FunPlus Phoenix. 

All the partnered VCT 2023 teams and the teams who will compete in the event are:

  • Americas: 100T, Cloud9, FURIA, Evil Geniuses, KRÜ, Leviatán, LOUD, Sentinels, MIBR, NRG
  • EMEA: BBL Esports, Fnatic, FUT Esports, Giants, Heretics, Karmine Corp, KOI, Natus Vincere, Team Liquid, Team Vitality
  • Pacific:  DetonatioN Gaming, DRX, Gen.G, Global Esports, Paper Rex, Rex Regum Qeon, T1, Talon Esports, Team Secret, ZETA DIVISION

Since there will be 32 teams at the tournament, Riot employed the single-elimination format to allow for more matches between the teams. 

Participating teams are drawn and placed into two groups called Alpha and Omega. Riot implemented a random draw process that pairs teams from different regions in the first round. 

This will decide the teams in each group and maximize the number of inter-regional matches. Additionally, this drawing process will also increase the possibility of inter-regional games in the second round.

VCT Sao Paolo Tournament Format

Riot paired the regions into 16 first-round match-ups. Each match-up will compose of two team slots:

EMEA versus Pacific: 5 match-ups

Americas versus Pacific: 5 match-ups

Americas versus EMEA: 4 match-ups

China versus Americas: 1 match-up

China versus EMEA: 1 match-up

Each team slot was assigned a random number from 1 to 10. This is also to account for the 10 teams in each partnered league, and the two Chinese teams. The format will distribute 16 match-ups across both sides of the single-elimination bracket to ensure cross-regional play.

Lastly, the format randomly assigned the 32 teams a number from 1 to 10. This number decided their place in the bracket, according to their region. All matches will be best-of-three, except for the semifinals and grand final, which are best-of-five.

Alpha team matches will occur from February 13 to 19, while Omega team matches run from February 22 to 27. The schedule for the Semifinals and the Grand Final will be March 2 to 4.

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