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Event Details:

Name: KJC eSports VALORANT Tournament: One
Date: 21-26 June, 2021
Organizer: KJC eSports
Prize Pool: USD850
Region(s) invited: Southeast Asia (Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Macau, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam)
Number of participating teams: 64
Registration: Open
Format: Single Elimination
Entry fees: N/A
Stream language(s): English
Streaming platform(s): Twitch
Sponsor(s): Aim Lab

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The VALORANT Tournament: One is the very first VALORANT tournament organized by KJC eSports. It is an officially-approved by Riot Games event, and was participated by teams of all tiers from all over Southeast Asia, with a prize pool of USD850.

Our team was the organizer of the tournament, and we have done all the work for making the tournament a success. We did the League Operations, Broadcast Solutions and Marketing/Promotion & Assets Production.

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League Operations

The registration for the tournament was mainly promoted on Facebook, which ultimately lead to over 400 teams from all over Southeast Asia registering. Our team has made the guidelines, event rundown and rulebook. After confirming the 64 teams to participate, we have opted to use Discord as our main communication tool with all the teams with 2 main administrators throughout the tournament.


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Broadcast Solutions

The tournament was from 21 to 26 June, 2021, and the 21st being a non-streamed Round-of-64, Round-of-32 and Round-of-16, simultaneous, games. Quarter-Finals (Best-of-Ones) to Semi-Finals (Best-of-Threes), were from the 22nd to the 25th, and were streamed from 9:00PM (GMT+8). The Grand Finals, on the 26th, a Best-of-Five, was streamed from 3:00pm (GMT+8).

All the production was done by our internal team including the observer(s), casters & commentators, and chat moderators. The tournament was streamed on Twitch, which garnered over 50,000 live views and just below 2,000 unique max concurrent viewers and 20,000 unique viewers, with around 17 hours of time streamed.

To see the VODs, please head over over here.


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Marketing & Promotion/Assets Production

Our media team (graphic designer and video editor) created assets for before (e.g. trailers and countdowns), during (e.g. match results, updated brackets, etc.), and after (e.g. highlights and giveaway winners) the tournament, including the overlays. The event was also covered by ABS-CBN, Inquirer, Manila Standard, AFK Gaming and VALO2ASIA.

The marketing & promotional materials were also shared/posted by our team throughout our own social media channels/pages, and Discord servers; our main servers and VALORANT-related servers used by many players & teams in the scene. KJC eSports was also given special roles in some Discord servers, which allowed us to promote the event.


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Get in touch

Ready to get started with your tournament? Don’t hesitate to reach out!

Please do feel free to send over more details to through our email at: [email protected], and we’d be more than happy to provide assistance!

Our team is looking forward to hearing from you!