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Event Details:

Name: Bleed eSports Community Tournament
Date: 6-14 November, 2021
Organizer: Bleed eSports
Prize Pool: USD5,000 (USD2,000 for Tournament, USD3,000 for Showmatch)
Region(s) invited: Malaysia & Singapore
Number of participating teams: 32
Registration: Open
Format: Single Elimination
Entry fees: N/A
Stream language(s): English
Streaming platform(s): Twitch
Sponsor(s): N/A

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Bleed eSports, based in Singapore, has put their trust on us to be their production partner for their first community tournament. The registration was open to teams from Singapore and Malaysia, and the tournament had a prize pool of USD2,000, while adding on top a USD3,000, winner-takes-all, Showmatch. Our team was in charge of the Broadcast Solutions and Assets Production, and Bleed eSports did the League Operations.

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Broadcast Solutions

The tournament was from 6 to 14 November, 2021, and the 6th being a non-streamed Round-of-32 and Round-of-16 games. All the games after are Best-of-Threes, with the Quarter-Finals being on the 7th, Semi-Finals on the 13th, and the Grand Finals and Showmatch on the 14th. All the production was done by our internal team including the observer(s), casters & commentators, and chat moderators. The tournament was streamed on Twitch, and to see the VODs, please head over over here.


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Assets Production

Our graphic designer created assets for the tournament, including the overlays. The assets created were used to promote/market the event on their social media channels (mainly on Twitter and Instagram).


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Get in touch

Ready to get started with your tournament? Don’t hesitate to reach out!

Please do feel free to send over more details to through our email at: [email protected], and we’d be more than happy to provide assistance!

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