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How to Get Salt in Enshrouded

How to Get Salt in Enshrouded

    Last Updated on February 2, 2024

In the immersive world of Enshrouded, resource gathering is a key part of your survival and progression. Among these resources, Salt is particularly valuable. Salt is essential for crafting items that boost your abilities and make life in Enshrouded a bit more comfortable. Let’s explore how you can secure this crucial resource for your journey.


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The Role of Salt in Enshrouded in Crafting

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Salt isn’t just any old seasoning in Enshrouded. This resource is a vital component for adventurers looking to craft the Scout Armor Set. This set isn’t just for looks—it enhances your stamina, critical damage, and more.

But before you can enjoy these perks, you’ll need to turn your Animal Fur into Dried Fur on the Drying Rack. That’s where Salt in Enshrouded comes in as it is important in making Dried Fur.

Locating Salt in Enshrouded

Your go-to spot for Salt Enshrouded is the Egerton Salt Mines. This place is brimming with the stuff. But there’s a catch—the mines are in an Enshrouded zone. That means you can’t just hang around forever; time is of the essence. So, grab your pickaxe and get ready to mine quickly and efficiently.

Navigating to the Egerton Salt Mines

Getting to the Egerton Salt Mines is a breeze once you’ve unlocked the fast travel option. Just zip over to the nearest Ancient Spire, deploy your Glider, and soar straight into the mining action. Aim for the eastern section—it’s a sweet spot for Salt Enshrouded, close to an exit for those quick getaways.

Utilizing Salt with the Drying Rack

After mining, you’ll want to put Salt Enshrouded to good use. The Drying Rack is where the magic happens, turning plain Animal Fur into valuable Dried Fur. First things first, you need to unlock the Ranger NPC. Once that’s done, crafting the Drying Rack is simple.

You’ll need Wooden Logs and String—items that are pretty easy to come by. Remember, the ratio for creating Dried Fur is one Animal Fur to three Salt Enshrouded, so stock up accordingly.

Expanding Crafting Possibilities with Dried Fur

With Dried Fur in hand, you can craft the Scout Armor Set, which is a game-changer for your stamina and damage output. But that’s not all. Dried Fur also goes into making a comfy Bed, letting you speed through the nights at a whopping 60x speed. It’s clear that Salt isn’t just a resource—it’s a gateway to better gear and a smoother experience in Enshrouded.


Salt is more than just a crafting material; it’s a stepping stone to greater power and comfort in the world of Enshrouded. From boosting your gear to ensuring a good night’s sleep, Salt is a treasure worth mining.

So, gear up, head to the Egerton Salt Mines, and start transforming your Enshrouded experience—one pinch of Salt at a time. Happy crafting, and may your adventures be ever rewarding!

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