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How to Get Hardwood in Enshrouded

How to Get Hardwood in Enshrouded

    Last Updated on February 2, 2024

In the survival game Enshrouded, gathering resources is key to thriving in a mysterious world. One of the most sought-after materials is Hardwood. Hardwood is a durable resource that is important for crafting and construction in the game. This guide will help you locate and harvest Hardwood, ensuring your success as you build your way through Enshrouded.


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Understanding the Importance of Hardwood

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Hardwood Enshrouded is not just any wood; it’s a sturdy material that’s essential for creating high-quality items. You’ll recognize hardwood trees by their massive size, and the thick green vines wrapping around their trunks. These giants stand out from other trees, making them easier to spot once you know what to look for.

Where to Find Hardwood in Enshrouded

The journey to find Hardwood starts near the Farmer’s Ancient Vault, a landmark that has hardwood trees. The area known as Revelwood is home to these trees, and it’s rich with other materials too, like clay and flax. Starting at the Farmer’s Vault, head down the nearby slope into the Shroud-filled area to begin your search for Hardwood in Enshrouded.

You will notice an abandoned house near some trees and this will tell you that you are in the right place. Once you get your first Hardwood, make sure to remember the appearance of trees that drop it. Plenty of places are available in the game where you can find these trees so you should note its appearance.

Tools for Harvesting Hardwood in Enshrouded

To gather Hardwood Enshrouded, you’ll need the right tool. While the basic axe you crafted at the beginning of your adventure can chop hardwood trees, there’s a better option to chopping down wood logs. Consider making a felling axe at the Blacksmith’s.

This upgraded tool cuts through the tough trunks more efficiently. This will save you time and effort as you collect the valuable Hardwood resources in Enshrouded.

Crafting with Hardwood

Once you’ve collected Hardwood Enshrouded, a world of crafting possibilities opens up. This robust material is a key component in various recipes. For instance, the Polished Wooden Bench, a fine piece of furniture, requires not only Hardwood Enshrouded but also nails, resin, and wood planks. The strength of hardwood ensures that the items you craft will stand the test of time and adventure.

Tips for Efficient Hardwood Gathering

For an efficient gathering experience, place a Flame Altar near the hardwood-rich areas. This allows for quick teleportation to and from your base, making your resource runs as smooth as possible. Keep an eye out for a tall, abandoned building—a sure sign that you’re in the right place for Hardwood Enshrouded. Nearby, you’ll find not only hardwood trees but also clay deposits, which you can mine with a pickaxe.


Hardwood in Enshrouded is a valuable resource that’s well worth the effort to collect. With the tips and knowledge from this guide, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a master craftsman in Enshrouded.

Remember to look for the large trees with green vines, use the right tools, and set up a Flame Altar for easy access. Happy crafting, and may your structures be as sturdy as the hardwood they’re built from!

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