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How to Get to Sacred Arbor in Dragon’s Dogma 2

How to Get to Sacred Arbor in Dragon’s Dogma 2

    Last Updated on April 4, 2024

In the world of Dragon’s Dogma 2, Sacred Arbor stands as a hidden gem nestled within the Malacite Forest, far northwest of Vernworth. This elven city, shrouded in magic and nature, beckons players with the promise of powerful gear and unique quests.

Venturing to Sacred Arbor is an adventure in itself, and this guide will illuminate the path to this mystical destination, ensuring you can unlock all the secrets and benefits it has to offer.


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Locating Sacred Arbor

Sacred Arbor in Dragon’s Dogma 2 is not a place you’ll stumble upon by chance. It’s deliberately tucked away in the game’s expansive world, requiring a keen sense of direction and purpose to find. To set out for Sacred Arbor, you must first head to the western exit of Vernworth and take the main road toward the northwest, aiming for the Malacite Forest.

The Journey to Sacred Arbor

The path to Sacred Arbor is as enchanting as the destination itself. Here’s a step-by-step guide to ensure you don’t lose your way:

  1. Leave Vernworth through the western gate and ascend the hill to the ropeway station.
  2. Use the cart to travel to Batthal Ropeway Central Station.
  3. From the station, head south to approach the southern mountains.
  4. Descend from Batthal Ropeway Station Four and follow the path to a crossroad.
  5. At the crossroad, take the right turn and continue until you reach another crossroad.
  6. Enter the cave hidden by fallen trees to finally arrive at Sacred Arbor.
LandmarkDirectionNotable Feature
Vernworth Western ExitNorthwestStarting Point
Batthal Ropeway Central StationSouthTransport Hub
CrossroadRight TurnPath to Cave Entrance
Cave EntranceHidden by TreesGateway to Sacred Arbor

Interacting with the Elves of Sacred Arbor

Upon reaching Sacred Arbor in Dragon’s Dogma 2, you’ll find yourself amidst the elven people, a race deeply connected to nature and magic. To fully engage with the elves and understand their language, it’s essential to have a Pawn with the Woodland Woodsmith specialization in your party. This specialization allows for seamless communication and interaction, opening up a wealth of opportunities within the elven city.

What to Expect in Sacred Arbor

Sacred Arbor is not just a haven of tranquility; it’s also a hub for high-level equipment. At Grisha’s shop, you’ll find some of the most potent weapons and armors for various vocations, including Archer, Mage, Sorcerer, and Magick Archer. Here’s a quick overview of what you can acquire:

  • Daughter of the Evening Shield: A sturdy shield for defense.
  • Dinistrydd Bow: A powerful bow with high base attack damage.
  • Tintreach and Cardinal Blaze: Staffs imbued with elemental damage.
  • Magickal Bows: Early access to bows for the Magick Archer vocation.

Grisha’s shop also offers a unique smithing style that enhances the strength or magic of your gear while reducing its weight.

Quests and Affinity in Sacred Arbor

Sacred Arbor is the starting point for several quests that can significantly impact your journey in Dragon’s Dogma 2. By completing quests for characters like Glyndwr, Taliesin, and Doireann, you can raise your affinity with them, and earn RC. Additionally, you can unlock additional content such as the Archer-Maister’s approval and access to the Ancient Battleground.

Quest GiverQuest NameRewards
GlyndwrGift of the BowArcher-Maister’s Approval
DoireannThe Ailing ArborheartRC and Affinity


Finding Sacred Arbor in Dragon’s Dogma 2 is an adventure that rewards players with powerful gear, enriching quests, and a deeper connection to the game’s lore. Whether you’re following Glyndwr’s guidance or charting your own course through the Malacite Forest. The journey to Sacred Arbor is one worth taking. Prepare to immerse yourself in the elven culture, enhance your equipment with exquisite smithing, and forge lasting bonds with the characters you meet in this magical city.

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