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Manage Your Waves Properly in Dota 2

Manage Your Waves Properly in Dota 2

    Last Updated on December 15, 2022

We are back once again with another Dota 2 guide, but this time, we will emphasize Wave management. In this guide, you will learn the importance of managing your waves properly. Even at a disadvantage, managing your wave can lead to you surviving in the lane and still getting the last hits on enemy creeps. 

Wave management is probably the most underrated aspect of the laning stage, especially in the lower ranks. Managing your wave can completely change the way the laning stage will pan out.  This guide might just be the thing you need to learn to easily win your games. 

Without further ado, I give you the Dota 2 wave management guide. 

Importance of Wave Management

Example of wave management in Dota 2

We have talked about wave management, but what does it offer that helps you win the lane? In managing the wave, the main goal is to secure the last hits and avoid the risk of dying as much as possible. 

In the image shown above (yes, I am aware that it is only a demo hero), Windranger can easily win the lane by simply not making too many mistakes against Pudge. Windranger is a ranged hero with good wave-clearing capability and harasses, so Pudge should be careful here and either play safe by managing the wave or wait for Windranger to make a mistake. 

Wave management simply gives you a fighting chance in the lane, even if you are at a disadvantage. This guide can help you win your games whether you are a support or a carry. 

Ways to Manage Your Waves

Pulling Creeps

Pulling creeps are a proven and tested method of managing your wave properly. It is done by the support in the lane not to let the Carry fall behind in experience and gold. 

This method is done by attacking a neutral camp. Let it follow you and attack you near your creep wave. In doing this, the creep aggro will automatically transfer to the neutral camp. It’s effectively pulling your creep wave out of the lane. This method will also let you deny some of your creeps. So, the enemy will not get any experience and gold from it.

The best timing for pulling creeps is when your creep wave is too deep into enemy territory. Letting the creep wave go deep into enemy territory will endanger or make your carry feel unsafe to lane, thus leading to your carry falling behind in experience and gold. 

If you are a support player, make sure to watch the wave closely to ensure a safe laning stage for your carry. 

Creep Aggro

This method can be done by either your Carry or Support. The idea behind this method is you will get the enemy’s creep aggro purposely then pull the enemy creeps to your ranged creep so you are nearer and harder to get harassed by the enemy. 

Your ranged creep is the main damage dealer in the wave so in doing this, you can ensure that the wave will slowly go into your territory and secure a deny on your ranged creep. Not only can this benefit you, but it will also prove detrimental to your enemy.

This can be done by right-clicking an enemy hero (you and the enemy should be close to the creep wave) and then walking back to your creeps (most preferably your ranged creep). By doing this, you will pull the enemy creeps to yourself and the enemy creeps will go to the creeps closest to you as long as you do not attack. 

That is it for this Wave management guide. If you liked this article, make sure to read the other articles on our official website.  

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