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Valve Reveals TI13 Invites and Slots for Each Region

Valve Reveals TI13 Invites and Slots for Each Region

    Last Updated on May 29, 2024

The road to TI13 sees a shuffling of slots across regions, each battling it out for a coveted spot at the prestigious event. Additionally, Valve has revealed in a blog post on May 27 the teams that received Direct Invites to TI13. The qualifiers kick off with two slots available for both the Chinese and North American regions starting June 9th.

Following closely behind, Eastern European and South American qualifiers begin on June 14th, with two slots up for grabs in South America and one in Eastern Europe. Mark your calendars as Southeast Asian and Western European qualifiers on June 19th will fiercely compete for the two slots allocated to each.

Qualifier Dates and Slots by Region:

  • Chinese Qualifiers: 2 slots – Start date: June 9
  • North American Qualifiers: 2 slots – Start date: June 9
  • Eastern European Qualifiers: 1 slot – Start date: June 14
  • South American Qualifiers: 2 slots – Start date: June 14
  • Southeast Asian Qualifiers: 2 slots – Start date: June 19
  • Western European Qualifiers: 2 slots – Start date: June 19

TI13 Direct Invites Teams:

  • Team Spirit
  • Xtreme Gaming
  • Team Falcons
  • Team Liquid
  • Gaimin Gladiators
  • BetBoom Team

Impact of Slot Adjustments and Community Reaction

Adjustments to slots can often reflect the ebbs and flows of a region’s presence in the Dota 2 scene. North America, once a prominent contender, now finds itself with reduced representation. The region officially loses its secondary slot at TI13, a decision not taken lightly by the community.

On the other hand, the Western European region boasts an impressive five slots, factoring in direct TI13 invites, affirming its status as a formidable force in Dota 2.

Dota 2 Region Total Slot Tally for TI13

The distribution paints an interesting picture for the upcoming TI13, with Western Europe taking the lead in representation. Here’s how the slots divvy up among the regions, tallying both the direct TI13 invites and the qualifiers:

  • WEU: 5 slots
  • EEU: 3 slots
  • China: 3 slots
  • SEA: 2 slots
  • SA: 2 slots
  • NA: 1 slot


The TI13 invites and qualifiers set the stage for what promises to be an enthralling display of Dota 2 talent. With teams from across the globe gearing up to showcase their mastery, each match leads to the ultimate quest for esports glory. As fans debate the changes and cheer for their favorites, TI13 is shaping up to be a battleground where only the best prevail.

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