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Tundra’s 33 & Skiter Recalls Courier Bug at TI11

Tundra’s 33 & Skiter Recalls Courier Bug at TI11

    Last Updated on December 20, 2022

Tundra Esports’ Oliver “skiter” Lepko & Neta “33” Shapira joined Janne “Gorgc” Stefanovski as casters of the Western Europe Dota Pro Circuit Open Qualifiers. While they focused on their casting duties of the games themselves, the duo of Tundra Esports’ revealed an interesting story. It was regarding the TI 11 Grand Finals. 

In addition, Tundra Esports was one of the few rare occurrences wherein they did not change their roster at all. The International 2022 winning team will remain together for one more DPC season. 

Dota 2 Couriers

During the drafting phase of the match that featured Old G on Gorgc’s live stream, the duo of skiter and 33 talked about an incident where Tundra Esports players were about to fight each other in the TI11 Grand Finals due to a Courier Bug.

Courier Bug Almost Led to Tundra Esports Infighting

The infamous bug that almost led to the conflict happened during the second game in the TI11 Grand Finals between Tundra Esports and Team Secret, as Tundra’s captain Wu “Sneyking” Jingjun was unable to use his courier for a couple of minutes. While the courier itself is usable, Sneyking was unable to transport his items into the courier.

The Dota 2 Courier Bug issue caused some tensions to flare on the side of Tundra Esports. 

“We literally paused for 15 minutes because Sneyking couldn’t move his courier out of the base to fix the bug. We were like “Sney, please!” because we had this issue in the past and it’s an easy fix. There’s a spot in the base [fountain], a magic spot where you cannot put items into your courier. So what you need to do is to move the courier out of the fountain and back into the shop/item stash range to fix the issue.”

– skiter noted regarding the issue of the courier bug

33’s Perspective

Following that note, 33 then added on by saying that Sneyking’s delay in fixing the issue almost caused mid-laner Leon “Nine” Kirilin to confront his captain on the stage, as the player was getting impatient with the courier bug incident. 

“Nine was so tilted at Sneyking [as the issue could be easily resolved], that he almost stood up from his chair and beat up Sneyking on stage [laughs]. He was more mad than the rest of us because we keep telling Sneyking on how to fix the issue however he keeps doing the opposite.”

as 33 recalled from the incident.  

Even though tensions flared between them, Tundra Esports proved to be unfazed by the incident as they went on to become the ones who lifted the aegis in The International 2022. They won against Team Secret in a dominating fashion, securing a sweep 3-0 in the biggest stage of them all. 

Since they won and all of that, the incident can be viewed as a funny memory to look back into. It may be a different story if the courier bug somehow caused Tundra Esports to lose the most important series of their career. 

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