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Return of Clinkz: The Bone Fletcher

Return of Clinkz: The Bone Fletcher

    Last Updated on May 19, 2023

With the new 7.33 patch released, new content is up and ready for players to experience and Clinkz is one of those new experiences. In the following days, we will be releasing condensed 7.33 articles. This is for those who cannot read the patch notes in one sitting and need a little help.

From the Bleeding Hills, the protector of the Hoven Lands receives another rework. Departing from a one-off type of attack, Clinkz is back to wander and assault lone enemies. Time fire away with the Bone Fletcher himself.

The initial impression of players that read the patch notes is that old Clinkz is somewhat back. Burning Barrage saw Clinkz rarely seeing competitive exposure in the last patch. With this rework, some players are looking to try him out, with a chance of getting back to comp.

His new kit is similar to the pre-barrage one, with more bones this time. Assemble your burning army, and let’s put Clinkz in the spotlight, set it all on fire even.

Clinkz: Bone in the Sink!

Clinkz’s newfound abilities are part of his legacy abilities from a long time ago. His Burning Barrage got replaced by Strafe, a classic ability for Dota oldheads. The old ability is a simple attack speed steroid that lasted a few seconds.

Well, the same can be said for this new one, but it synergizes with Icefrog’s new Clinkz tech—skeletons. With an army like Clinkz, there is no end to the amount of gold and calcium you can generate.

If Strafe isn’t enough, then his searing arrows replacement is better. Named Tar Bomb, it throws a glob of sludge that slows enemies but makes them take more right-click damage. This bonus also extends to Clinkz’s skeleton archers, making solo ambushes great.

His Death Pact got demoted to a basic ability, giving him only health, but it summons a skeleton though. It is clear now what his playstyle is, but we haven’t even touched his ultimate yet.

Sink in the Bones!

His ultimate is his invisibility, Skeleton Walk, and it’s quite different from its basic form. When breaking invisibility, Clinkz summons a posse of bonemen to shoot his enemies. Keep in mind that Tar Bomb allows you to retarget the skeleton archers and for more damage too.

Going back to his general playstyle, he is incentivized to build Scepter now. Burning Army gives him more shooters to contribute more damage in the team fight.

What about itemization for Clinkz? Try to build damage because his skeleton damage scales with his base damage. The next thing to look for is an item that can disable an enemy, so they cannot react with defense.

Scythe of Vyse or Bloodthorn is a good purchase to dish out damage and lock enemies down. But a great addition is always stat or raw damage items now, because of his scaling. With enough damage, you can eliminate a high-value target before it can do anything. 

Clinkz is a fun hero to use now, as his playstyle is now more diverse than in the last patch. Players no longer have to rush Gleipnir to become effective in a fight. Try it out yourself, and see if the new-old Bone Fletcher is the hero for you.

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