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Most Buffed and Most Nerfed Heroes in Dota 2 Patch 7.36

Most Buffed and Most Nerfed Heroes in Dota 2 Patch 7.36

    Last Updated on May 24, 2024

Brace yourselves, Dota 2 Heroes, because Patch 7.36 has arrived and brought with it an upheaval that has left the landscape of the game completely altered. With sweeping tweaks that redefine hero roles and strategies. This patch has crowned a new cohort of victors while sending others to the sidelines.

Read on to understand who you should be picking to climb the ranks and which heroes are better left for braver souls to experiment with.


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The Rise of the Mighty: Most Buffed in Dota 2 Heroes Patch 7.36

Amidst the abundant changes of Dota 2 Heroes Patch 7.36, a few notable heroes stand out for receiving the Midas touch, emerging as the associated winners post-patch.

Most Buffed Heroes:

  • Juggernaut: Who doesn’t want to slice through enemies with a swifter, more deadly blade? Juggernaut’s buffs have made him a formidable force. In addition, it’s no wonder you’ll be seeing more of his swordplay in your matches.
  • Legion Commander: Known for her domineering presence in lane, the tweaks to Legion Commander ensure she’s an ally you want by your side. Epecially if you’re packing physical damage.
  • Templar Assassin: Precision and timing—Templar Assassin’s updates in this patch might tempt you to master her intricate dance of blades with her newfound versatility.
  • Tiny: The return of Craggy Exterior to Tiny’s toolkit, coupled with several buffs, has paved the way for more stone-cold victories.
  • Weaver: Starting the game with Geminate Attack can make Weaver a nuisance from the first clash, securing his place as an early-game powerhouse.

Let’s delve deeper into the statistics and specifics that have changed the game for these characters.

Specific Changes to Buffed Heroes:

HeroNotable Buffs in Patch 7.36
Juggernaut* Innate Ability (Duelist): Deals more damage.* Blade Dance: Increased Crit Chance.* Omnislash: Adjusted bonus damage.
Legion Commander* Moment of Courage: Rework on scale and cooldown.* Hero Facets: Added new facets like Stonehall Plate for tankiness and Spoils of War for aiding allies in duels.
Templar Assassin* Increased base health regen and attack range.* Innate Ability (Psi Blades): Better attack range and spill damage.* Refraction and Psionic Trap: Enhanced through abilities and talents.
Tiny* Increased base health regen.* Innate Ability (Craggy Exterior): New debuff mechanic on enemy attacks.* Various talent tweaks to bolster his rock-solid strengths.
Weaver* Improved agility gain.* Innate Ability (Geminate Attack): More bonus damage and adjusted cooldown.* Talents: Enhanced Skuchi damage and cooldown.

The Fallen: Most Nerfed Dota 2 Heroes Patch 7.36

On the flip side, the nerf bat swung hard for some heroes in Dota 2 Heroes Patch 7.36. These once-favorites now face the daunting challenge of keeping pace with the revamped meta.

Nerfed Heroes:

  • Tinker: If mastering machines is your game, Tinker’s shakeup could have you reeling. With Rearm no longer resetting item cooldowns and the removal of Heat-Seeking Missile.
  • Anti-Mage: Anti-Mage’s early game took a hit, potentially slowing his roll into the carry he’s meant to be.
  • Bristleback: Bristleback’s lowered damage output may have you turning your back on choosing him for the time being.
  • Sand King: Sand King’s nerfs have buried some of his most reliable abilities in the sand, possibly dampening his reign.

Specific Changes to Nerfed Heroes:

Reflecting on the losers in Dota 2 Heroes Patch 7.36, we see a mix of removed abilities and decreased power. It’s crucial to note these transformations, as they have significantly affected the overall effectiveness of these heroes.

HeroNotable Nerfs in Patch 7.36
Tinker* Rearm no longer resets item cooldowns.* Elimination of Heat-Seeking Missile.
Anti-Mage* Mana Break Innate Ability scales differently.* Changes to talents and abilities, reducing early-game effectiveness.
Bristleback* Reduction in base damage.* Specific abilities moved into the Innate Ability and Hero Facets.
Sand King* Removed slows on Caustic Finale.* Alterations to core abilities like Burrowstrike and Epicenter.

As a savvy Dota 2 player, you must recognize that while these heroes have faced setbacks. The ever-shifting meta means new strategies can emerge to bring them back into favor.


In conclusion, Dota 2 Heroes Patch 7.36 has ushered in an era of new strategies. Unexpected power players, and the need to rethink how you approach each game. Your flexibility and readiness to adapt to these sweeping alterations will dictate your success.

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