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How to Switch to Dota 2 from LoL

How to Switch to Dota 2 from LoL

    Last Updated on April 9, 2023

The contention for the greatest MOBA, Dota 2 or League of Legends, continues in discussion in multiple internet forums to this day. Users who continue to gas up the conversation are those who gatekeep and antagonize other communities. Many users grew out of that phase, as maturing means letting people enjoy the games they like. Thus, it is the job of these users to welcome anyone who tries out their game.

The consensus between Dota 2 and LoL is that Dota is macro-complex, and League thrives in simplicity. For the gatekeepers out there, harder means better, but that isn’t the way to win the argument. In truth, there is no argument to be made, both games are distinct enough to be separate and train different skill sets. If you wish to move to Dota 2 as a League of Legends player, many people can help you, like us.

Dota 2 Roles Differ From LoL

The roles of LoL and Dota are different, even in how they’re set up. Dota teams compose themselves as 3 cores and 2 supports. League turns up with 4 cores and 1 support in their traditional lineups. Dual lanes in League are the bot lane, while it is both the top and bot lane in Dota 2. The jungle in League is designed for the player with the Jungler role, while Dota 2 is strictly farm-centric in jungle design. 

The Carry and ADC, and Midlaners perform the same function in terms of duty and itemization. If you wish to transition, remember that Junglers do not exist in Dota 2. Two supports supplement the cores, and two duo lanes exist. Dota’s best entry tip is to begin playing as a support and sticking to a small pool of heroes. Understand that Dota heroes can be played in different roles, with skill and execution being the big requirement.

Major Objectives

Dota 2 Major Objectives

League prides itself in offering big buffs and bonuses with its three major objectives. The Dragons, Rift Herald, and Baron Nashor offer a snowball-type advantage not present in Dota design. Dota’s objectives offer temporary advantages, preventing any sort of unpunishable advantages. This game centers around always having a chance to turn the tides around and underwent many iterations to refine it. 

Dota’s Roshan offers the Aegis, which allows a unit to reincarnate but disappears 5 minutes after pickup. Cheese provides a burst of hp and mana when used. Roshan also gives Aghanim’s Shard and Scepter, and the Refresher Shard. These don’t offer global bonuses but offer a great advantage to their recipients. Of course, these rewards are offered at different Roshan lives. Aghs shard is up at the 2nd life, and the Cheese, Scepter, and Refresher are random at the 3rd, and always after the 4th life.

Dota 2 Runes

These colorful rocks are part of Dota’s minor objectives that players contest for in the game. Their bonuses range from hilarious, to outright powerful at the right moment. An important thing to remember about the runes is their spawning time. Power runes spawn every even minute, and appear in the upper and lower river near the midlane. Bounty runes spawn every 3 minutes from zero time, appearing in the safe lane jungle of both teams. 

If you are an aspiring midlaner, a rune called the Water Runes also exists in the game. They are unique in the runes because they spawn only twice in the game. At minutes 2 and 4, they appear in the river on both sides to remedy the midlaner. New support players ought to be aware of this timing and help secure the rune for their mid-player. 

Other things in the game need their piece, but this is a start. As a new player, don’t be excited to jump into a server of real players. Run a bot match and gauge your skills to see if you’ll fare well against other players. Remember to have fun, it’s a game’s goal to have their players experience joy in the game. But try to win in the process of having fun, because it’s more fun if you win the game.

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