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Former OG Taiga Admits Gambling Allegations, Denies Matchfixing

Former OG Taiga Admits Gambling Allegations, Denies Matchfixing

    Last Updated on May 21, 2024

The esports world was jolted recently by a development involving Tommy “Taiga” Le, a former star of OG Dota 2, who came forward with a statement about the gambling allegations against him. While addressing some of the claims, he vehemently denied any involvement in matchfixing.


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Accusations and Taiga’s Response

The Taiga gambling allegations surfaced after an investigation by content creator Morf, which implicated him in match manipulation with the so-called “322 Mafia” during his tenure at OG in 2023. In his statement, Taiga opened up about his gambling addiction’s toll on his life, asserting that while it changed him, it did not lead him to throw matches.

Admission and Denial

Facing the Taiga gambling allegations, he admitted to sharing insider information under pressure from an individual named Sensibility, which he now deeply regrets. Despite these concessions, he remains insistent that he never took part in matchfixing. Drawing a line at his limits even in troubled times.

The community’s reaction to the Taiga gambling allegations has been polarized. Some fans show empathy towards his battle with addiction. However, others argue for punitive measures. Indicating that the repercussions of his actions should be taken seriously by the governing bodies.

Lack of Apology Towards Teammates

Criticism has also been directed at Taiga for not extending apologies to former teammates potentially impacted by his actions. This lack of remorse has added fuel to the fire in the wake of the Taiga gambling allegations, with some calling his character into question.

With the Taiga gambling allegations casting a shadow. His competitive Dota 2 journey has hit a pause as his former team, Leviatán, has released him, leaving his career in limbo. Valve’s silence on the matter keeps the community in suspense regarding any official sanctions.


The Taiga gambling allegations serve as a watershed moment in esports integrity. Emphasizing the fine line that players must tread between personal struggles and professional conduct. Taiga’s future and the community’s trust hang in the balance. As the esports world grapples with the implications of his confession.

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