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Dota 2 Pos 3 Earthshaker Item Guide 

Dota 2 Pos 3 Earthshaker Item Guide 

    Last Updated on December 7, 2022

The stoic gentle titan Earthshaker will have the spotlight of this article as I will present a guide for Earthshaker Item Build as a Position 3. The ground-pounding hero is one of the more popular heroes in Dota 2 due to its capability to turn around a team fight with a single ability. However, he is usually played as a support, but in this guide, you can have more impact as you play the offlane. 

Earthshaker Offlane Build (Critshaker)

Screenshot of Dota 2 Earthshaker Offlane Build

Early Game

As an offlaner, Earthshaker thrives off of the Enchant Totem damage. Enchant Totem empowers Earthshaker’s next attack by 100%/200%/300%/400% per skill level. On this build, you should max the skills “Enchant Totem” and “Aftershock” to secure the early game. 

In the laning stage, you might not have the most substantial kill potential early on, so just focus on staying alive, securing last hits, and denying creeps with your enhanced attack. You must rely on your support to harass the enemy to increase your chances of surviving the lane. 

On the item side of things, follow the starting items as seen in the picture, as it will fast-track your purchase of the Soul Ring. Due to Earthshaker’s low mana pool, you will need to get an early Soul Ring. The boots to get are Phase Boots to ensure you can land your passive Aftershock and hit your enemies in the head with your Enchant Totem. 

To be honest, you will be weak in the early game, especially if you are at a disadvantage in the lane. Do not worry. This build guide will see you at your peak in the mid-game. 

Mid Game

Critshaker will be powerful at this stage of the game. Having completed the essential item, Blink Dagger, you will finally be able to close in the gap quickly and drop massive Echo Slams and pound your way to kill off enemies. 

The next item after Blink Dagger varies depending on the enemy. If the enemy team has multiple crowd control, the responsible choice is the ol’ reliable Black King Bar. The item’s spell immunity and strength stat will prove helpful for Earthshaker. 

If you are feeling a little greedy and you are having a good time, you cannot go wrong with Silver Edge. The on-hit bonus damage offered by Silver Edge fits perfectly with your Enchant Totem. With this item choice, you will be able to easily one-shot enemy supports. 

Also, don’t forget to purchase Aghanim’s Shard because it is extremely valuable and allows you to stun multiple heroes even from afar. 

Late Game

The later stages of the game rest solely upon Earthshaker’s capability to maximize his ultimate ability, Echo Slam. Your time in the late-game might feel awkward because pulling off those picture-perfect multiple-hero Echo Slams in every clash will get more complicated. You will also have a significantly harder time finding an angle to blink into the team fight.

At the late game, you will find Aghanim’s Scepter to be a worthy investment. It allows you to jump a significant distance either to initiate or to escape with your Enchant Totem. Aghanim’s Scepter will help you close gaps between enemies significantly better. 

Octarine Core is also a good choice for the late game. It boosts your Max Health and Mana Pool and increases the range of your spells. Most importantly, it reduces the cooldown time of your items and spells by 25%. 

The extension items will be up to you, and it always depends on the situation. Trust your gut feeling and purchase the item that will completely turn the game in your favor. 

This concludes the Earthshaker Offlane Build. Although it is far from being the most popular Earthshaker Build 2022, it is still a fun build for the ground-pounding hero. If you liked this guide, be sure to check out our other articles about everything concerning gaming. 

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