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Ceb on Ammar All-Chatting: He’s Just Laughing at It

Ceb on Ammar All-Chatting: He’s Just Laughing at It

    Last Updated on February 1, 2023

All-chatting is a fun way to communicate with your enemy. In this case, it also involves teaching your enemy. Dota 2 streamer and professional player, Janne “Gorgc” Stefanovski, co-streams the WEU regional league every day. 

Whenever he co-streams, he always invites professional players for commentary and the occasional interview. Players like Yazied “YapzOr” Jaradat see plenty of screentime in Gorgc’s streams. On fewer occasions, the two-time TI champion, Sébastien “Ceb” Debs, was on the stream while watching Nigma Galaxy versus Team Secret.

As with previous co-streams, the commentary took on an interview nature, with the topic of Ammar “ATF” Al-Assaf and Ceb’s insight regarding Ammar’s transition from OG to Nigma Galaxy. People know ATF for his time in OG, but also for being the youngest player to qualify for the DPC at the age of 15 with team CREEPWAVE. He joined OG after Ceb announced his retirement from professional Dota 2.

The discussion entered a topic where Gorgc discussed Ammar “inflicting mental damage” via all-chats and tipping. ATF dove his former CREEPWAVE teammate Crystallis into the fountain and killed him while dying himself. Gorgc commented on that play, questioning if executing it was worth it for what he says was “mental damage.”

All-Chatting in Matchmaking

ATF is notorious for his etiquette in matchmaking, with numerous clips of him all-chatting and displaying what many say is toxic behavior. Other clips depict him responding with flames if he received tips or all-chats aimed toward him. 

This has led many to have a negative opinion of ATF, as his brand of game interaction is uncommon in most games, especially for a professional player. During this tour, ATF started all-chatting in their games against OG. It had the intention of greeting his former teammates before the game starts.

In public matchmaking, all-chatting and tipping usually have the intent of tilting the enemy team. The mental disruption is sometimes enough to break a player and cause games to crash and burn. 

Despite this, Dota 2 chat is integral to in-game communication. As for the tipping system, it is a way to award players for good plays. However, people use it passive-aggressively in occasions where players commit mistakes or as a way to rub in the error.

Ceb’s Response

Ceb responded to Gorgc’s observation by saying that despite ATF’s frequency in all-chat and tipping, ATF takes in well. What Ceb means is that ATF isn’t in an angry mood when he engages in tipping and all-chatting, he is smiling all that time. 

His answer could be a result of his time in OG, where he played with Ceb as a stand-in. Ceb has a reputation for being able to ground the team’s mental state. However, you can see his answer as reliable and honest.

Whenever ATF does these things, Ceb says that “…he doesn’t mean bad.” It is the other player who takes it negatively without ATF getting riled up at all. With Nigma Galaxy winning that game, they are safe from relegation and stay in Division 1. They will now prepare for the Spring tour in the hopes of qualifying for the Spring Major.

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