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Arteezy Will Miss TI for the First Time in a Decade

Arteezy Will Miss TI for the First Time in a Decade

    Last Updated on June 17, 2024

For a decade, Arteezy has been a mainstay at Dota 2’s pinnacle event, The International (TI). This year, however, marks a break in tradition, as Arteezy sees the superstar sit out from TI, a first in a decade. Fans and fellow players alike are processing the reality of an International without one of its most iconic figures.

Shopify Rebellion’s Unsuccessful TI Campaign

Shopify Rebellion, led by Arteezy, faced an uphill battle in the North American qualifiers, ultimately falling short of securing a spot at TI. The team grappled with significant changes through the season—changes that culminated in Arteezy’s absence from the competition. Ultimately losing to Nouns, led by Arteezy’s former teammate Fly, dealt a heavy blow to Arteezy’s future in the pro scene.

The landscape of North America’s Dota 2 scene has undergone a dramatic shift, leading to Arteezy’s absence from TI. Nouns’ ascent has been a testament to the changing tides, emblematic of the region’s evolving competitive nature.

As Arteezy faces a TI without participation, his leadership and match decisions coming under scrutiny highlights the esports community’s fervent engagement with their icons. With a decade under his belt, Arteezy challenges elicit passionate discussion and reflective criticism from fans and peers.

Internal Struggles and Team Dynamics

Internal dynamics within Shopify Rebellion played their part in the lead-up to Arteezy missing TI. Speculations surrounding a toxic environment and the departure of SaberLight point towards deeper issues. Potentially influencing Arteezy’s focus and the team’s synergy.

With TI off the table, both Arteezy and Shopify Rebellion confront a pivotal moment. A season of reflection will come as they reassess strategies and structures to return stronger. With the esports community closely watching Arteezy next move.


While missing TI is a setback for Arteezy, his legacy as a vanguard of the Dota 2 scene remains intact. As he and Shopify Rebellion look toward rebuilding their place in the competitive landscape. The support from fans and the community bolsters their resolve for future endeavors.

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