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A Dota 2 Guide: How to Play Dota 2

A Dota 2 Guide: How to Play Dota 2

    Last Updated on February 21, 2023

Are you in need of a Dota 2 guide? Well, look no further. Dota 2 is a complex MOBA game that Valve developed alongside its mainstay developer, Icefrog. Over time, the game experienced bugs, new features, and groundbreaking changes to the overall experience.

Talents, neutral items, and outposts are just some of the many additions to the game over its storied life. With so much to offer in a single sitting, why are people struggling to play the game?

The answer is that few try to learn the basics of the game. The thrill of jumping and learning is great but at the expense of your teammates. Making an effort to learn on your own is good before you step into a real game with other players. That being said, how do you play this game? And how fun can it be?

Dota 2 Main Objectives

The game centers itself around two opposing sides, the Radiant, and the Dire. From each base, an interval wave of creeps charges from one side to the other. Creeps pave the way to taking down objectives like towers and barracks.

Ancients are the structures at the center of the base and are is the game’s win condition. Destroy the Ancient, and the game is over—your team wins.

Each team consists of five players competing for gold and experience. They control heroes, a roster of characters with different skill sets and playstyles. Throughout the game, players collect gold and experience and convert them into power. A coordinated team can topple objectives and take down enemy heroes if needed. Once a team destroys the ancient, they win and the game is over.

Guide to Gaining Advantages

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As a player, your main focus is to gain gold and experience to get stronger. Depending on your role, gold, and experience may have different priorities. The hero’s choices also influence these priorities.

Some heroes want more levels over more items to be effective. Read and examine your preferred heroes before a game to know how much gold and exp they require. Also, take note that it is a team game, thus the better team is the more coordinated one.

Towers are your first obstacle to victory. Going by objectives, a game can be won without killing a single enemy hero. The name of the game is map control and making sure the team is gathering more gold and exp than the opponent. If pushing the objectives is difficult, your team can seek out Roshan in the top portion of the river. Taking out Roshan drops the Aegis of the Immortal, which allows one hero to revive if they die.

Finishing the Game

A game can run as long as both teams are unable to capitalize on any advantage. Opportunities in the game are often made from conscious decisions. In the endgame, the goal is to punish enemy mistakes, as the benefits frequently equate to winning. Be careful in your positioning and identify your importance to achieving the team’s goals.

Utilize wards, smokes, and scans and keep track of Roshan’s respawn time. When the game feels stagnant, make patient moves and control the map. Remember, the game is not over until the ancient explodes—make sure to end it right away!

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