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Top 10 Best Dungeons to Farm in Diablo 4

Top 10 Best Dungeons to Farm in Diablo 4

    Last Updated on January 23, 2024

In Diablo 4, dungeon farming is a core activity for players looking to level up quickly and gather the best loot. With plenty of dungeons in Diablo 4, choosing the Best Dungeons to Farm can significantly enhance your efficiency and overall gaming experience.

This article will guide you through the top dungeons where you can maximize your gains and become a formidable force in the world of Sanctuary.


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Criteria for Selecting Dungeons

Best Dungeons to Farm Diablo 4

When selecting the Best Dungeons to Farm Diablo 4, consider factors such as dungeon size, enemy density, and layout complexity. Smaller dungeons with many elite enemies and straightforward layouts tend to offer the fastest farming cycles. This allows players to repeat runs with minimal downtime.

Diablo 4 is filled with dungeons. However, some dungeons are better suited for farming than others to reach a high level faster. Here’s a countdown of the top 10 dungeons where you can grind for experience and loot effectively.

10. Guulrahn Canals

Guulrahn Canals, nestled in the Jahka Basin of the Dry Steppes, ranks as one of the Best Dungeons to Farm Diablo 4. It starts in the top 10 because of its compact size and maze-like structure. While it’s easy to miss some chests due to backtracking. The primary goal here is to eliminate enemies swiftly for experience gains, making it ideal for quick, repeatable runs.

9. Blind Burrows

Blind Burrows is an expansive dungeon teeming with spiders, located in the Hawezar region. Its size allows for a straight shot through to the end, avoiding the swarming mobs common in tighter spaces. For those looking to farm XP efficiently, consider skipping the boss and focusing on clearing the dungeon quickly to repeat the process.

8. Maulwood

Maulwood presents an opportunity for crowd control, with large mobs of Wood Wraiths awaiting in the Dobrev Taiga of the Fractured Peaks. This dungeon challenges players with its traps and formidable foes, but the rewards in XP make it a worthy addition to the Best Dungeons to Farm Diablo 4.

7. Champion’s Demise

Champion’s Demise, another dungeon set in the arid Dry Steppes, offers a larger layout filled with enemies that can stun your character. While stuns can be a nuisance when trying to farm XP quickly. The sheer number of foes makes it a lucrative spot for those who can navigate the stuns effectively. With a bit of strategy, Champion’s Demise can be a goldmine for experience points.

6. Mercy’s Reach

In the snowy expanse of the Fractured Peaks, Mercy’s Reach stands out as a smaller dungeon that’s not only great for farming XP but also for loot. The dungeon’s elite monsters provide a substantial amount of experience, and the smaller size allows for quick completion and repetition. Balancing both loot and XP gains, Mercy’s Reach is a prime choice for efficient dungeon runs.

5. Aldurwood

Aldurwood, located in The Shrouded Moors of Scosglen, is a compact dungeon that may be small in size but is big on challenge. The enemies here pack a punch, and you’ll need to be ready to take some hits. However, the straightforward objectives and the absence of a boss make it an excellent choice for those looking to farm XP quickly and effectively.

4. Sarats Lair

For those who don’t mind a bit of arachnophobia, Sarats Lair in Scosglen is a small dungeon filled with spiders that’s perfect for fast farming. The narrow corridors can be tricky, as large groups can easily trap you, but with careful movement and consistent combat. Moreover, Sarats Lair can be cleared quickly for repeated farming sessions.

3. Witchwater

Witchwater, found in the Blightmarsh of Hawezar, shares similarities with Sarats Lair in terms of size and tight spaces. However, the enemies here—mostly spiders and snakes—are generally easier to defeat in large numbers. If you can maintain a steady pace and push through the confined map. Witchwater offers a straightforward path to efficient XP farming.

2. Sunken Ruins

The Sunken Ruins in Scosglen is one of the larger dungeons on this list. However, its spaciousness allows for a more relaxed farming experience. Without a boss to contend with, only an elite, players can focus on clearing out the numerous enemies for experience. The ease of the elite encounter adds to the appeal of Sunken Ruins as a top farming destination.

1. Dead Man’s Dredge

Topping the list of Best Dungeons to Farm Diablo 4 is Dead Man’s Dredge, located in Gale Valley of the Fractured Peaks. This dungeon is a favorite among players for its straightforward layout and the abundance of enemies. This, including the Animus Carriers, which offer better loot drops. The variety of foes and the ease of navigation make Dead Man’s Dredge the best dungeon for those looking to maximize their farming efficiency.


Choosing the Best Dungeons to Farm Diablo 4 is essential for any player looking to level up quickly and gather impressive loot. From the quick runs of Guulrahn Canals to the bountiful encounters of Dead Man’s Dredge, each dungeon offers unique advantages for farming. By exploring these top locations, you can optimize your gameplay and experience all the thrills that Diablo 4 has to offer.

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