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Best Ways to Exp Farm in Diablo 4

Best Ways to Exp Farm in Diablo 4

    Last Updated on December 3, 2023

In Diablo 4, getting your character to higher levels swiftly is crucial for facing tougher challenges. Players often seek ways to gather experience points (XP) faster, which is why understanding different methods of farming XP becomes essential. In this article, we will talk about all the ways you can farm exp efficiently in Diablo 4.


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Get Carried/Power Leveling

Power leveling used to be the fastest method to exp farm in Diablo 4 until the Season of the Malignant slowed it down. This method involves a higher-level player guiding a lower-level player through dungeons, enabling the lower-level player to gain XP quickly. However, after the recent changes, it’s not as speedy as it used to be.

Basically, the method of leveling here is letting the high-level player do all the work in dungeons while the low-level player sits around and watches. In addition, you can get the high level player help you complete the capstone dungeons to advance world tiers fast.

Tree of Whispers

For those preferring solo play, the Tree of Whispers offers an alternative. By completing tasks marked by the tree, players gain XP and access to higher tiers. This exp farm method allows players to level up at their own pace without relying on others. Completing the Tree of Whispers is efficient and it gives a ton of XP. In addition, you can also get some useful items when you complete it.

Normal Dungeons

Once players reach level 60, gathering XP becomes slower. Dungeons that were previously great for exp farm, like Champion’s Demise or Iron Hold, have been nerfed. Now, finding areas with lots of enemies to gain more XP efficiently becomes important. Players need to explore different dungeons to find ones that suit their playstyle.

Malignant Tunnels and Nightmare Dungeons

Seasonal players can benefit from Malignant Tunnels, providing a decent amount of XP. These tunnels offer a different kind of challenge with special monsters, but the exp farm is worth the effort. Nightmare Dungeons, on the other hand, are tougher but provide XP along with valuable items. They are challenging but rewarding for experienced players.

Helltide and Legion Events

Helltide and Legion Events occur at specific times but offer good XP. Enemies in Helltide are tougher but grant more XP per defeat. Legion Events are quick and have numerous foes to battle, offering a quick burst of XP for those participating. These methods are quick ways to farm exp fast in Diablo 4, but it offers a little challenge.


In Diablo 4, numerous ways exist to farm XP, each with its own perks and challenges. From power leveling to individual Tree of Whispers quests, players can choose the method that suits their playstyle best. Players need to adapt to changes made by Blizzard for effective XP farming to progress swiftly in the game.

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