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Top 5 Budget Gaming Headphones In 2023

Top 5 Budget Gaming Headphones In 2023

    Last Updated on June 4, 2023

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Gaming headphones are a must-have for any low-budget gamer. It also helps enhance your gameplay experience by immersing yourself in a different world. Although it singles out one of our five senses, the best headset can transport you to a different dimension.

However, you don’t have to think about anything expensive. Some of the best brands, like Razer and SteelSeries, offer low-budget gaming peripherals. After all, even the best low-budget headphones can help you tune in to the whole other world of video games. Here’s a list of the best cheap gaming headphones in 2023.

Razer Barracuda X

Razer Barracuda X Cheap Gaming Headphones

Starting off our list is the Razer Barracuda X. It is a wireless gaming headset, offering a versatile and seamless audio experience. Even more, you can also enjoy this experience across multiple platforms. It also features a dual-wireless design, allowing you to connect to the PC, console, or mobile device.

The Razer Barracuda X also features a comfortable and lightweight design with a detachable microphone. However, don’t take this piece of equipment lightly. Its overall performance is one you have to watch out for on this list. Here are some of its key features:

  • Dual-Wireless Design: You can connect to your PC, console, or mobile device using the included 2.4GHz wireless dongle or via Bluetooth.
  • Comfortable and Lightweight: The Razer Barracuda X weighs only 250g. After all, its design is for long gaming sessions without experiencing any stress around your ears.
  • Detachable Microphone: It is one of the best budget gaming headphones with a detachable mic. Even more, you can just flip it up when you’re not using it.
  • Razer TriForce 40mm Drivers:  It also features Razer TriForce 40mm Drivers, delivering rich, immersive sound.
  • Battery Life: The Razer Barracuda X can last up to 20 hours of use on a single charge. After all, Razer designed it for long gaming sessions.

Overall, this headset is an optimal choice for gamers who want an immersive experience without fatigue. It also offers great value at such low prices, making it one of the best budget gaming headphones.

SteelSeries Arctis 3

SteelSeries Arctis 3 Gaming Headset

The SteelSeries Arctis 3 is a wired gaming headset, opposite of the Razer Barracuda X. It is compatible with all platforms, including the PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch. The Arctis 3 also offers a lightweight design but emphasizes more on high-quality audio.

It also features a unique, clear, and natural-sounding microphone. The headset is noise-canceling, making it the optimal choice for streamers and content creators. After all, it will only pick up your voice and not any background noise.

The Arctis 3 also has breathable ear cushions to prevent fatigue after long hours of gaming. You can wear it for hours without feeling uncomfortable. However, the main focus of the SteelSeries Arctis 3 is the high-quality surround sound.

Overall, it’s one of the best low-budget gaming headphones. It emphasizes purely immersion and experience. Plus, the Arctis 3 is compatible with all gaming platforms. You can switch it up by plugging in anywhere at any time, without breaking your wallet.

Corsair HS35

Corsair HS35

Up next on our list is the Corsair HS35. It is a stereo gaming headset, offering the highest-quality sound and voice clarity. The low-budget headset features 50mm neodymium drivers that deliver quality immersive sound.

It also has a Discord-certified detachable microphone for clear communication in-game. Even more, the HS35 is a headset for long gaming sessions. It also features plush memory foam earcups with an adjustable headband for comfort.

The Corsair HS35 is compatible with all devices, including the PC, Mac, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices. It is one of the optimal choices for cheap gaming headphones. However, it does not feature surround sound and it can easily break.

Yet, it can still compete among the best budget gaming headsets in 2023. After all, you don’t need expensive gear to start playing better.

Razer Kraken X

Low-budget Gaming Headphones Razer Kraken X

Next is the Razer Kraken X, which is an ultra-lightweight wired gaming headset. It can deliver an immersive 7.1 surround sound. The Kraken X also features custom-tuned 40mm drivers that produce clear and balanced sounds.

It also has a lightweight aluminum frame, ensuring comfort for long gaming sessions that can last hours. The Kraken X also has a bendable cardioid microphone, providing clear voice quality for in-game comms.

Much like the previous gaming headphones, it is also compatible with all platforms. These platforms include the PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices. It is one of the most sought-after cheap headsets because of its price and quality.

Overall, you should get the Razer Kraken X if you want gaming headphones that can perform.

Steelseries Arctis 1

SteelSeries Arctis 1

Lastly, we have the SteelSeries Arctis 1. It is an all-platform wired gaming headset that can also become your on-the-go headphones. You can bring it with you anywhere at any time. It also comes with a detachable microphone for a sleek and low-profile design. This award-winning low-budget headset is one of the best on our list.

The Arctis 1 is compatible with all platforms, which includes the PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices. It is also lightweight and comfortable to wear for gaming sessions and outside leisure.

Even more, the Arctis 1 has a steel-reinforced headband with Airweave ear cushions. It is one of the most durable low-budget gaming headphones you can find anywhere. The Arctis 1 just performs with an impressive command over sound and design.

That’s all for this list of the best budget gaming headphones of 2023. It’s also important to remember: you don’t need the best gaming equipment to start playing. However, better peripherals just mean you will have a better video game experience.

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