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Mouz Wins ESL Pro League S18: Their First ESL Title in CS2

Mouz Wins ESL Pro League S18: Their First ESL Title in CS2

    Last Updated on May 13, 2024

In the competitive realm of CS2, Mouz has etched their name in the annals of esports history with a stunning victory at ESL Pro League S18. This triumph is not just a win but a statement—Mouz have proven that they are a force to be reckoned with, defending their title and establishing themselves as part of the elite.


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Back-to-Back ESL Pro League Titles

Mouz’s journey to the ESL Pro League S18 trophy is a tale of resilience and skill. After securing their first significant title in the final event of the Global Offensive era, the team has now defended their crown in the CS2 iteration of the tournament. This back-to-back victory in the ESL Pro League cements Mouz’s reputation as a top contender in the CS2 esports scene.

Grand Final Showdown

The grand final of ESL Pro League S18 was a stage set for an epic showdown between Mouz and Team Vitality. Mouz’s performance was nothing short of spectacular. They swept through the series with a 3-0 win, leaving no doubt about their dominance.

Mouz’s young international squad has been on an upward trajectory, culminating in their ESL Pro League S18 win. This victory is a testament to their growth and potential. Signaling a bright future for the team in the competitive landscape of CS2.

At the heart of Mouz’s success was Dorian ‘xertioN’ Berman. His leadership and 56-41 K/D across the three maps played were instrumental in their grand final sweep. His performance, along with the team’s cohesive play, was pivotal in securing the title.

Ádám “torzsi” Torzsás’s comment, “We are the kings of the studio,” encapsulates the spirit of Mouz. Their remarkable success in the studio setting of Malta has raised the question of whether they can replicate this success in larger venues.


As Mouz celebrates their ESL Pro League S18 victory, the esports world looks on with admiration. Their win is not just a triumph but a beacon of inspiration, showcasing what teamwork and determination can achieve. As we look to the future, Mouz have set the bar high, and fans eagerly await their next move in the CS2 arena.

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