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CS2 Major Removes Open Qualifiers for 3 Regions

CS2 Major Removes Open Qualifiers for 3 Regions

    Last Updated on June 3, 2024

The competitive landscape of Counter-Strike is facing a pivotal shift as the CS2 Major removes open qualifiers for premier regions, bringing a close to what has long been a cornerstone of the tournament’s structure.

This revelation from Perfect World Counter-Strike 2 Major in Shanghai marks the end of open qualifiers for Europe, North America, and South America – a change that is stirring a mix of responses across the community.

Detailing the Rule Changes

With the CS2 Major removes open qualifiers, players from powerhouse regions will now be selected based on Valve’s Regional Standings, altering the path to one of esports’ most venerated events. This August, these regions will directly jump into closed qualifiers, bypassing the traditionally more open-access initial competition stages.

Impact on Smaller Regions

While the CS2 Major removes open qualifiers for the major competitive scenes, smaller regions like Oceania, the Middle East, East Asia, and host nation China still retain the pathway of one open and one closed qualifier. This decision preserves a semblance of the grassroots spirit long associated with Counter-Strike’s competitive ecosystem in these areas.

The Basis for CS2 Major Qualification

Valve’s Regional Standings now hold the key to Major participation. The new process dictated by the CS2 Major removes open qualifiers and focuses teams’ standings to secure their spots. Exceptions exist for regions lacking sufficient team numbers. However, with a bustling competitive scene in Europe, North America, and South America, open qualifiers have become a closed chapter.

Community Reaction to the Changes

The announcement that the CS2 Major removes open qualifiers has not been without controversy. Dedicated fans have swiftly voiced their dissent through platforms like, fearing a closed circuit could ensue. Veteran players like shox have expressed concerns that the dreams of rising talents could be dashed. These open qualifiers offer a rare chance to prove oneself on the big stage.

The Road to the Majors

Recalling the days when open qualifiers were the proving grounds for unknown teams to make their mark. Moreover, it’s clear the CS2 Major removing open qualifiers represents a significant turning point. Notable stories like Into The Breach’s run at BLAST Paris exemplify the remarkable journeys these qualifiers facilitated—journeys that are now constrained by the new rules.


The CS2 Major’s decision to remove open qualifiers has indelibly altered the course to the world stage of Counter-Strike. As the debate rages on and petitions gather steam, one thing is certain. The competitive realm of Counter-Strike is entering a new era. Additionally, one that may redefine what it means to rise through the ranks and achieve esports glory.

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