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Zeal Esports Roster Change Brings In Dummy & Kimmy

The Zeal Esports roster change brought in two newcomers in Tim “dummy” Olson and Dominic “Kimmy” Lee. The announcement was made through Zeal’s social media accounts.

Via Zeal Esports

According to former head coach and current team manager Yuki “Zyki” Uruma, Zeal Esports found the two players playing together with an orgless team.

“I scouted dummy and recruited him. It was very fortunate that Kimmy was playing with dummy in a team that was orgless,” Zyki revealed. “So when I approached dummy he said he wanted to play with kimmy. I just said that’s great we would be glad to pick u and kimmy up for Zeals,” he continued.

This announcement just came after they announced the release of Craig “Craigys” Salgado and the benching of James “2ge” Goopio from the roster. 

As such, the current roster of Zeal Esports is made up of: 

  • Keith “FireSaiyajiN” Madarang
  • Carl Alexander “senyorcarL” Carandang
  • Cyle “beats” Pontilar
  • Tim “dummy” Olson
  • Dominic “Kimmy” Lee
  • James “2ge” Goopio (Benched)
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