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X10 Falls to Gambit in VALORANT Champions 2021

The quarterfinals trend of falling against an EU team in VALORANT Champions 2021 continued as X10 Crit lost 1-2 against Gambit.

X10 lost Game 1 on Fracture which was their map pick as Gambit outscored them 13-7. The Thai representatives initially started out great, as they got three out of the first five rounds, but was eventually figured out by the Russian representatives. They tried to turn things around post-half time, with impressive flanking and site-anchoring by Thanamethk “Crws” Mahatthananuyut, but was unable to catch up.

However, X10 bounced back on Ascent, Gambit’s map pick, as they won 13-7. With multiple clutches from the team, specifically by Itthirit “foxz” Ngamsaard, the team justified the notion that underdogs in Champions are more than capable of getting a game from the world’s top teams, especially Gambit.

With that said, however, X10 ultimately fell against Gambit as they lost 7-13 on the decider map. An unfortunate end to SEA’s last hope in Berlin.

Despite the loss for the Southeast Asian scene, VALORANT Champions 2021 continues as the remaining teams endure the quest to become the first-ever VALORANT Champions.

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