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Worlds 2022 Semifinals: SKT T1 versus JD Gaming

Worlds 2022 Semifinals: SKT T1 versus JD Gaming
  • PublishedOctober 30, 2022

The Knockout Stage Semifinals of the Worlds 2022 started today, October 30th, 2022. Fan-favorite Korean representative SKT T1 faced off against Chinese representative JD Gaming. A win today for both teams means a ticket to the Grand Finals. The winner of this match-up is only a few steps closer to being named world champions. With a best-of-five series, this exciting match-up has plenty of action to unfold.

Game 1

The first game of the Semifinals started early in terms of aggression. Both teams made moves early in the game, with rotations coming from their jungle and mid-lane. However, after SKT T1 secured Baron Nashor, they desperately tried to push the bot lane and were met with a stalwart defense from JD Gaming. Afterward, after a few clashes, JD Gaming secured the Elder Dragon and used it to its full advantage, eventually finishing the game. JD Gaming takes game one.

Game 2

The second game looked good early on for JD Gaming, having secured more dragons than SKT T1. The game was reasonably even coming into the mid-game. However, SKT T1 secured multiple Baron Nashors, which applied immense map pressure to JD Gaming. The superiority of the Baron buff made it easier for SKT T1 to push the towers of JD Gaming. JD Gaming could not repel SKT T1 from their base despite killing off Faker. SKT T1 takes game two.

Game 3

The third game saw an excellent start from JD Gaming’s 369, having killed T1 Zeus multiple times in the top lane early on. However, T1 Faker himself was having a fantastic game in his patented Ryze. Despite Zeus not having the best start, SKT T1 was able to win clashes and secured Baron buffs again, similar to game two. Thanks to Faker and Gumayusi’s heroics coupled with the Baron buff, SKT T1 claims game three.

Game 4

SKT T1 looked poised to book their ticket to the Grand Finals in game four. A stellar objective-based playstyle early on from SKT T1 led to them securing four dragon buffs in the game. SKT T1’s Faker lived up to the hype of being the Unkillable Demon and secured multiple clashes with Azir’s Shurima Shuffle. It was highlight after highlight with Faker and his teammates locking in multiple Aces. JD Gaming bows out of the tournament after four games. SKT T1 advanced to the Grand Finals for the first time in five years.


*Featured image via LOL Esports Facebook Page

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