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Worlds 2022 Semifinals: Gen.G Gaming versus DRX

Worlds 2022 Semifinals: Gen.G Gaming versus DRX
  • PublishedOctober 31, 2022

The last match of the Semifinals went underway on October 31, 2022. Gen.G Gaming, having won the LCK Summer Split 2022, were the heavy favorites coming into Worlds 2022, with Ruler having a stellar performance throughout the tournament. DRX are the underdogs for this series. However, they have shown tremendous improvements throughout Worlds 2022. An exciting match-up indeed, but only one of them can book their ticket to the Grand Finals.

Game 1

The first match of the Semifinals kicked off this exciting match-up. DRX secured the first two dragons in the early game, but Gen.G Gaming still has a sizeable gold lead through rift heralds and turrets. Gen.G Gaming got the important pickoffs in the mid-game, which led to them securing the next two dragons and the Baron Nashor. With Baron buff’s help, Gen. G applied suffocating pressure to DRX, which led to the last clash and the game-winning siege. Gen.G Gaming secured game one.

Game 2

The second match of the series saw a surprising Kindred pick from DRX Piyosik. The early game was pretty even for both teams, with each team securing a dragon buff and actual net worth. Both teams were not giving an inch to their opponent coming into the mid-game. However, DRX managed to get multiple kills in the mid-game, but Gen.G still maintained their gold lead until 30 minutes. DRX secured the infernal soul on the 30th-minute mark. With DRX winning a crucial team fight, DRX secured the Elder Dragon buff, leading to a game-winning siege. DRX secured game two.

Game 3

The third match was a dominating display from DRX. DRX was all over the map in the early game securing eight kills. DRX Piyosik was so impactful with his Viego leading to suffocating pressure on Gen.G Gaming. DRX Zeka stepped up mid-game with his mid-lane Akali, securing multiple kills in clashes. With a massive gold lead, Gen.G Gaming could not keep up with the aggressiveness of DRX. DRX secured game three.

Game 4

Nearing elimination, Gen.G Gaming has to pull all their tricks to survive in the series. DRX secured the first two dragons early in the game, but the gold was even among both teams. In the mid-game, Gen.G took the next two dragons and a gold lead of two thousand against DRX. But it all changed when DRX got the Baron Nashor at the 27th-minute mark. The clash for the Ocean Soul was the game’s turning point for DRX when they secured the dragon and won the team fight, leading to DRX securing the Baron buff and the game-winning siege. 

DRX finished off Gen.G Gaming in the Semifinals after four games. DRX will now face off against T1 in the Grand Finals with Deft’s first appearance in the highest stage of all.

*Featured image via LOL Esports Facebook Page

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