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Worlds 2022 Group Stage: Conclusion

Worlds 2022 Group Stage: Conclusion
  • PublishedOctober 17, 2022

The 2022 World Championships is the most prestigious tournament of the year in League of Legends. 24 teams are invited from all over the globe to participate and showcase their talents for the world to see. 12 teams had to go through the play-ins to qualify, and only four teams got to qualify for the Group Stage, namely Fnatic, DRX, Evil Geniuses, and Royal Never Give up. 

A total of 16 teams make up the Group Stage participants, and they are divided into four groups where they play a double round-robin format. All matches are played in a best-of-one format. The top two teams of each group advance to the knockout stage, and the bottom two are eliminated.

Group A


T1 showed their dominance in Group A, securing the top spot to advance to the knockout stage after finishing with five wins and one loss. EDward Gaming locks in the 2nd spot advancing to the knockouts by winning four games and only losing two matches. Fnatic and Cloud9 are eliminated from the tournament with disappointing results. Fnatic finished with only two wins and four losses, and Cloud9 is dead-last, only winning one game out of six total matches.

Group B


Group B had a show of dominance between the top two teams, they were simply unmatched, and their opponents just had no answer. JD Gaming and DAMWON Gaming advance to the knockout stage occupying the top two spots in the group. Both of them had impressive showings, with each of them winning five games and only losing once. Evil Geniuses and G2 Esports go home after being eliminated. They were decimated, only winning one game in the group stage.

Group C


The battles in Group C are much closer than the other groups. DRX and Rogue are tied in the top two spots, advancing to the knockout stage. Both of them won four games and only lost twice. Top Esports settle for elimination at the third spot after finishing the group stage with three wins and three losses. GAM Esports will go home after a disappointing performance, winning only one game and losing five.

Group D


The situation in Group D is the same as in Groups A and B. The top two teams completely dominated the group. Gen.G Esports and Royal Never Give Up cement their tickets to advance to the knockout stage after winning five games and only losing once. 100 Thieves and CTBC Flying Oyster are eliminated from Worlds 2022 after a terrible performance, winning only one game and losing five games.

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