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W Streak’s Ching Calls Out Sanguine Rebels For Questionable Double Disqualification

W Streak’s Enrico “Ching” Perez called out tournament organizers Sanguine Rebels (SR) for a questionable double disqualification decision at the Sanguine Rebels Cup 2.

In a tweet that has since blown up on VALORANT Twitter, Ching ranted about his team’s double disqualification with SR Dragons – a team managed by Sanguine Rebels themselves. 

He then detailed in further replies to the tweet about how their opponents were apparently willing to accept a disqualification as W Streak was left to wait in the lobby for too long. However, Ching also revealed that a marshal suddenly opted to disqualify both teams for delaying the tournament despite his team’s readiness to play the remaining rounds of their matchup – a decision that garnered much flak from the APAC VALORANT community.

With the tweet going viral, Sanguine’s first action was to try and redirect the blame to Fulcrum Esports, as the latter turned out to be the actual tournament organizers paid by Sanguine.

Via Ching

However, Ching refuted that claim and supplemented it with a screenshot of his private conversation with someone that pointed the blame to an unnamed boss that allegedly forced the marshal to disqualify both teams.

Via Fulcrum Esports

With the situation boiling over to the third-party organizer, Fulcrum Esports finally released a statement wherein they doubled down on the decision and argued that both teams failed to start the game within the allotted grace period.

“After the tardiness threshold, both teams claimed to have not seen the opposing team. They were both given the opportunity to continue and play, however, both teams could not agree to start. This resulted in a match loss for both teams,” Fulcrum’s official statement claimed.

Screenshot tweeted by Ching

However, one of Ching’s screenshots directly contrasted Fulcrum’s claims as it clearly showed the presence of the entire W Streak SEA team and an incomplete SR Dragons in the lobby. Even Ching’s “r” chat (which might’ve meant the team was ready to play) was included in the said screenshot.

As of this article’s writing, Sanguine Rebels has merely replied to tweets regarding the controversy and has yet to release an official statement (although they have retweeted Fulcrum’s announcement).

Meanwhile, the tournament itself also concluded with a team called ‘Coup De Grace’ as the overall victors.

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