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W Streak Esports Temporarily Suspends Operation in South Asia, Disbands VALORANT Roster

India-based international esports organization W Streak Esports suddenly announced the temporary suspension of its South Asian (SA) VALORANT operations and disbanded its entire SA roster in the process.

“Today, W Streak Esports has made the difficult decision of pausing all operations in the South Asian Valorant scene. With this decision, the SA team officially has been disbanded,” W Streak revealed in a shocking tweet.

Formerly known as L Streak Esports, the organization sported two different active VALORANT rosters in both South Asia and Southeast Asia, with the latter being composed of the former Alpha Esports Pro roster.

Despite its sudden leave, W Streak Esports assured their supporters that the suspension was merely temporary and not permanent.

“Don’t you go anywhere, because we are right here. This is a temporary pause & we will be back soon,” the organization stated. “Our roots are in SA, and when the time is right, we will be back,” they added.

Moreover, W Streak’s DoGoBoT put out a tweet that they are ready to sign anyone to get back into the scene as soon as possible.

“Any Indian team [composed] of young [and] experienced players [looking for an organization] can [message] me. Also, any experienced [players]/young talents (should have been at least radiant once) can [message] me. We wanna come back to SA sooner than expected,” he tweeted.

With the roster disbanded, W Streak’s SA roster were:

  • Muhammad “soulM8” Usman
  • Rishi “Equinox” Dave
  • Aupulanz “PabloMysterK” Koh
  • Karan “SmokeA” Sharma
  • Xenoo
  • CoachBlu (Coach)
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