Velocity Gaming Releases Staff Members Sieh and Sleepy

Velocity Gaming Releases Staff Members Sieh and Sleepy
  • PublishedJuly 18, 2022

Velocity Gaming had decided to release Nikhil “sieh” Bhansali and Andi Andana “Sleepy” Bangsawan.

Velocity revealed its decision to let go of the two staff members in two different and succeeding announcements on Twitter.

Moreover, both Sieh and Sleepy have respectively announced on their own socials that they are now currently looking for new gigs to do, with Sieh’s announcement as far back as in late June of 2022.

Sleepy, who played for ONIC G back in First Strike: Indonesia and a former coach for Alter Ego, aims for a coaching gig after his stint with Velocity.

“I am now [looking for a team] as coach or other related capacity. With no franchise slot, [Velocity] were kind enough to let me go and explore options going into the 2023 franchise league,” Sleepy tweeted. “I understand teams will be waiting until franchise announcement, but we can start discussing now,” he continued.

Meanwhile, Sieh is currently looking for both casting and coaching gigs.

“With the franchise slot not coming our way, I’m officially a [free agent]. I’ll be exploring options around both casting and coaching, working towards the ’23 franchising season,” Sieh tweeted.

As for now, Velocity’s VALORANT roster remains intact despite Sleepy and Sieh revealing that the org has failed to secure a franchise slot.

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