VCT Stage II Challengers APAC Recap: Bleed eSports vs. Team Secret

VCT Stage II Challengers APAC Recap:  Bleed eSports vs. Team Secret
  • PublishedJune 17, 2022

Despite the 2 – 0 result with Bleed Esports coming out ahead of Team Secret, the series was anything but a landslide. Although the first game was Bleed Esports favored, the 2nd game was relatively closer.


Bleed Esports took the victory of the first game in the series in a commanding fashion.

The early rounds were very much neck and neck but at the turn of the second half, Bleed Esports broke the 6 – 6 tie and plowed through on the defender side only dropping one round. From there, Team Secret was given no reprieve by Bleed who ended  Game 1 at 13 – 7.

The MVP from Team Secret was awarded to Riley “Witz” Go in his showing as Jett tying with Jayvee “DubsteP” Paguirigan in terms of average combat score of 214. While the title was given to  Derrick “Deryeon” Yee in Bleed Esports who had the average combat score of 291 the, highest between the two teams.


The second game featured a more interesting draft on the side for Team Secret who opted for a Yoru – Fade combo in their composition instead of the conventional Viper and Sage picks.

The first half was very Bleed Esports dominant only dropping four rounds on the defender side ending it at 8 – 4. For the second half, it was definitely scrappier with Team Secret overtaking the gap and almost taking the game to overtime but was dashed by Max “maxie” Lonstrom clutch Viper’s pit. The game ended at 13 -11 in favor of Bleed Esports thus ending the series at 2 – 0.

Similar to the first game, Riley “Witz” Go received MVP of the game in what seemed to be the Chamber gameplay that was holding the team together. As for Bleed, the title was given to  Lee “LEXY” Jun Xavier in his Sage plays.

Bleed Esports will proceed through Group D and face Fancy United Esports while Team Secret must battle it out against FW Esports to keep their spot in their tournament.

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