VCT Stage 3 Indonesia: Main Event Day 1

VCT Stage 3 Indonesia: Main Event Day 1
  • PublishedJuly 15, 2021

The first match of the day was between Boom Esports and Somnium Esports. With Boom picking up map Bind as the start, they showed a dominating performance on their attacker side with a 9-3 score. Boom Fl1pzjder also displayed top-tier performance in his new team by getting multiple kills on almost every round.

However, Somnium was not going down without a fight. It was as if they wanted to show that they are here to challenge the top team. They took seven rounds straight from Boom Esports after the switch. Kylee and PadangRice from Somnium really stepped up their game and that their aim is not to be taken lightly.

Unfortunately for Somnium, Boom was able to read and adapt to their pace and strategy. Boom was finally able to close the game with a score of 13-10 with Boom Fl1pzjder as Map MVP.

Moving on to the second map, Breeze, picked by Somnium Esports.The game started out well for Somnium Esports as they can catch up to Boom Esports keeping the score close. But after round eight, Boom ESports put their foot down and ended the first half with an 8-4 score. During the second half, Boom Esports proved why they were the 2 times champion of VCT Indonesia by only giving two rounds to Somnium Esports, closing the game with a 13-6 score.

Although everyone did expect  Boom Esports to win, Somnium was still able to put up a good fight as an underdog team and proved not to be underestimated.

The second match was between XCN and ONIC G. It was a match worth watching since Onic has been absent from the VCT, stages one and two, because Onic Monyet was unable to play due to age restrictions.  While XCN has a new roster to play, as shocking as it is. Sayoo from NXL confirmed joining XCN.

The first map was Split and it was a joy to the viewers to watch. Neither team was willing to give even just an inch to their enemy. Keeping the score close 6-6 in the first half, it was thanks to Monyet and Sayoo showing amazing performances for their respective teams. It was like watching two heavyweight boxers going toe to toe and trading blows.

As the match continued to the second half, Onic came prepared playing a perfect defense. XCN could not find an opening to Onic’s defense but they were still able to score some points which made it harder to predict who was going to win the game. In the end, Onic Monyet was not done demonstrating why he is the aim star that everyone has been waiting for, Onic able to close game one with a 13-11 score, and Monyet taking MPV with a total KDA of 27/16/6.

On the next map between ONIC G and XCN, map Breeze was picked by XCN. Shocking the fans with a no-duelist pick. Everything was going well for XCN, and they ended the first half as the attacker with a 7-5 score.

In the second half, showing a solid defense for XCN, they were able to take the pistol round and the round after, making the gap bigger. But Onic did not back down, they came up with a solid plan that found a hole in XCN’s defense. It was not an easy fight but Onic closes the game with a 13-11 score, allowing them to proceed to the semi-final round.  Once again, Monyet came out as the match MVP with a KDA of 28/16/7.

The last match of the day was the match that everyone was waiting for because it was the debut game for Bigetron Astro’s new roster on stream. It was between Bigetron vs Mencari Tempat Berlabuh.

Split is chosen for the first map and without wasting any time at all, Bigetron set up the pace of the game, making it look easy as Rapheleen, Budimeister, and Vascalizz fit in well in the team. They closed out the game with a dominating performance of a 13-3 score with Famouz as the MVP.

The second map was Bind. Mencari Tempat Berlabuh showed that they are here to win, putting up a good fight, and making it hard for Bigetron. However, Bigetron, as the team with more experience, came to VCT prepared. They were able to adapt and hold momentum, countering every strategy from Mencari Tempat Berlabuh with almost perfect executions. They closed up the game with a 13-9 score.

The first day of VCT Indonesia showed us that every team, from the top eight, came prepared with solid strategies and good executions. Every team proved to be strong.

This is really good news for Indonesia’s valorant scene since several new teams are joining in the top 8. The  competition has never been easy. To win, teams have been putting in more hard work. So whoever wins this competition, deserves the spot for the coming SEA Challengers Playoffs.

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