VCT Indonesia Stage 3 Challengers 1: Day 2

VCT Indonesia Stage 3 Challengers  1: Day 2
  • PublishedJuly 18, 2021

VCT Indonesia Stage 3 Challengers  1: Day 2 began with a quarter-final match between VVV and Morph Impact. Both teams played with their new roster. VVV with No1syboy from NXLG. While Morph Impact with Nay, from Bigetron, and Kush, who joined to strengthen their roster.

The opening map for the first match was Icebox which VVV chose. The two teams took different approaches with regards to agent compositions where VVV preferred to play with two duelists, namely Jett and Reyna, along with Sova as their Initiator. Meanwhile, Morph Impact likes to play with one Duelist, namely Raze along with Skye as their Initiator.

The game was tight where both teams refused to widen their scoring gap trying to get the upper hand over the other, but VVV, who played as an Attacker with their double duelist composition, meant that they had a much higher breaching power, managed to close the first half with a score of 7-5.

The second half was also fierce. The match became scary for VVV. Although they got the match point, Morph Impact managed to catch up until the score became 12-11. In the make it or break it round, Morph Impact was able to open up the B site taking down FireZs and Ferr quickly and as they planted the spike, they simultaneously got the frag on to No1syboy. VVV had to retake with the only two remaining players, Ell and Fosmorc, against four players from Morph. However, with great positioning from Ell and Fosmorc, they managed to clutch the round with a 13-11 where Ell got three kills in closing.

In the second map, Split, Morph Impact played with a fast and aggressive tempo as an Attacker, giving VVV a rough time in the first five rounds, but VVV managed to strengthen their defense well; the trades kept happening until finally, VVV once again ended the first half with another score of 7-5.

The expected occurred in the second half, where Morph Impact stood their ground as a defender on Split that managed to stop all of VVV’s attacks and got seven rounds in a row. Only giving one round for VVV, Morph managed to win with 13-8.

Haven became the tie-breaker map of this match. For the first time, No1syboy played as Phoenix, a duelist, for VVV. A good thing to note is that No1syboy, previously served as an anchor in NXLG and his Breach game, with FlashPoint, was always right on target, granting him the title in the Indonesian Valorant Scene ‘Father of Breach.’

Morph Impact played aggressively as an attacker and always managed to open up through site B. They finished the first half with a score of 8-4, and also played well as a defender. Morph Impact managed to win the match with a score of 13-8.

The next match is the Semi-final match where the seeded Boom Esports is expected to  emerge as the champion against Onic G, who is a new challenger in the VCTs.

Boom Esports performed quite convincingly on their chosen map, Bind, where they played with a solid strategy and a neat post-plant. The five players from Boom Esport filled their roles well. Enough to overwhelm Onic G, so the first game closed with a score of 13-7. Boom Esports proved that they are not an easy team to beat, especially after the presence of Fl1pzjder, who managed to fill the hole left by AdrianKing.

Onic G selected Split as the second map. A choice that was surprising to the fans, considering that Boom Esport has the title here ‘King of Split.’ However, it’s not without reason that Onic G chose Split, where they also have a 100% win rate on the map. This match is the first time the two teams have met on their confidence map.

Based on the past, Onic G chooses to play with two Duelists, namely Jett and Raze. They stick to their composition whileBoom Esport decided to play with Raze as well but with a Rayna to pair instead. A promising start for Onic G was when they scored 7-5 to close the first half while appearing as an attacker.

In the second half, Onic G became a defender. Boom Esports failed to break through Onic G’s defense and only gained1 point. Onic G closed the match with a score of 13-6. Severine’s role as In-game leader from Onic, who played Killjoy, anchored their sites like a fortress, and Shiro displayed a stunning and dominating Jett game with a KDA of 25/10/5.

In the third map, Onic G returns with an agent composition where heyNF plays with Pheonix and Monyet plays with Jett. The game started with Boom Esport winning the first two rounds, but starting from the third round, Onic G regained some ground and managed to win the first half with a score of 7-5. Onic G seems to play very neatly in executing their strategies.

Boom Esports, after the half time, looked scary as they managed to break down Onic G’s defense in succession and started to catch up. Making the score 8-9. However Onic G, who had Severine as their in-game leader, made some strategic adjustments to stop Boom Esports and won the third map with a 13-9.

It was an astonishing result. Everyone thought that Boom Esport would come out as the winner but now they have to give up on their journey to the SEA playoffs for this week. They will have another shot at it over at Challengers 2. WhileOnic G, who came as a new challenger, managed to bring down the titan of the Indonesian Valorant scene, Boom Esports—bringing Onic G to play in the finals of VCT Indonesia for the first time.

The second semi-final match between Bigetron and Morph Impact determines who will fight Onic C in the final round for the championship title of Challengers 1 and tickets to the Southeast Asia Challenger Playoffs.

Starting on the Icebox map, Bigetron looked to be superior, with many kills from Famouz successfully breaking into the defense of Morph Impact. Bigetron’s cooperation in executing their strategy looked better even though Morph also played exceptionally well. However, it still seems not enough to stop Bigetron from winning the map first with a score of 13-8.

During the second map, Morph did not seem to be at their best, unable to stop Bigetron’s dominance, led by FW, who played Killjoy. The match progressed quite quickly. Bigetron executed their strategy well and closed the game with a score of 13-5. What the fans were not expecting was that FW, the in-game leader who played as Killjoy, became MVP with a KDA of 28/11/3.

That was the final match of the second day of the VCT Indonesia Stage 3 Challengers 1, which left everyone with jaw-dropping results, where Onic G will be facing Bigetron in the finals.

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