VCT APAC Playoffs to Begin in June

VCT APAC Playoffs to Begin in June
  • PublishedJune 5, 2022

As VALORANT APAC Challengers Stage 2 nears its conclusion, the announcement for VCT Playoffs Stage 2 has finally dropped along with the list of teams invited.

Just to backtrack a little, the last couple of months have seen hundreds of teams from all across Southeast Asia battling it out in tournaments within their respective locales, for the chance to grab a spot and compete in the forthcoming pan-regional tournament this June.

To shed some light on what this is all about, the top 2 teams to take the Playoffs stage are then picked for a direct invitation to represent the APAC region in the international tournament of Valorant Masters 2, which is VCT’s final global competitive event of the year, coming later this year. However, it should be noted that those teams who fail to qualify for Masters 2 in the Playoffs  will still have a chance to compete for a spot at Champions through the Last Chance Qualifier (LCQ) scheduled in early August.

The team allocations for the upcoming Challengers APAC Playoffs Stage 2 will be split across a 20-team competitive format wherein the seeding will be determined by the size of the competitive playerbase in each region.

Multiple teams from Southeast Asia, South Asia, and Oceania have already managed to secure spots for themselves from their victories in local tournaments and are then expected to compete in the Playoffs stage. The qualified teams from each constituent of the regions are as follows:

  • Xerxia, FW Esports and Made in Thailand (MiTH) of Thailand
  • Team Secret, Oasis Gaming, Rex Regum Qeon (RRQ) of the Philippines
  • Onic G, Alter Ego, Boom Esports of Indonesia
  • Fancy United Esports, Cerberus Esports, Team Big Baam from Vietnam
  • Paper Rex, Gaimin Gladiators (Formerly Laze), Bleed Esports from the combined region of Singapore and Malaysia
  • Griffin E-Sports, Ghetto Artist from the Hong Kong and Taiwan duo region
  • Team Order from Oceania

The teams from the South Asia region have not been finalized as the tournament has not yet concluded and thus are not included in this list as of the present.

The VCT Challengers APAC Stage 2 Playoffs will start on 9 June and then proceed throughout the rest of the month. The tournament is divided into three main stages:

Play-ins (June 9-12)

Eight (8) teams will play in the GSL format and the 4 successful teams will proceed to the play with the rest of the competition in the next stage.

Groups Stages (June 15-20)

The 16 teams will play in a similar format as the play-ins. Only 8  will continue to the knockout stage.

Knockouts & Finals (June 23-26)

The 8 teams are to go through a series of double elimination brackets and the final 2 teams will be given their spots for Valorant Masters 2.

Follow the action by tuning in to the broadcast which will be available on Youtube, Twitch, and Facebook. Check below for links to the  English, Tagalog, Bahasa Indonesia, Thai, Vietnamese, Mandarin, and Hindi broadcast.



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