VCT 2022 Game Changers: Championship Kick-off

VCT 2022 Game Changers: Championship Kick-off
  • PublishedNovember 16, 2022

VCT Game Changers 2022: Championship kicked off yesterday, November 16, 2022, in Berlin. This tournament is the biggest stage for the Female Valorant scene. The most awaited event featured the top eight teams from across the world. Cloud9 White and Shopify Rebellion GC will represent North America. Guild X and G2 Gozen will represent the EMEA region. KRU Fem will represent the LATAM region. FENNEL Female will represent East Asia. Lastly, X10 Sapphire will represent the Asia Pacific Region. 

The tournament will feature a double-elimination bracket with all matches scored as a best of three, and the Grand Finals scored as a best of five. There will be no Group Stage for the event, and all teams are sent straight to the battlefield in the playoffs. A whopping total of $500,000 USD is the tournament’s prize pool. The champion of the tournament will net a total of $180,000 USD.

Day 1 Recap


A total of three matches were finished on the first day of the VCT 2022 Game Changers: Championship in Berlin.

Upper Bracket Quarterfinals

Cloud9 White versus KRU Fem,  North America versus LATAM, was the day’s first match. Cloud9 White looked dominant in game one of their match, outdueling every single member of KRU Fem despite having no duelists. Cloud9 White claimed the game-one victory with a scoreline of 13-4 in Ascent. Game two took place in Haven, and the same story from game one happened again. KRU Fem struggled all series long, having no answers against the might of Cloud9 White. Cloud9 White completed the sweep 2-0 to advance to the Upper Bracket Semifinals. Cloud9 White’s Katsumi takes home the MVP. 

EMEA versus APAC, G2 Gozen versus X10 Sapphire was the second match of day one. X10 Sapphire’s no-duelist lineup in the first game on Icebox proved to be ineffective as G2 Gozen bulldozed their way in game one. G2 Gozen claimed the game-one victory 13-4. The second match of the series was in Breeze. G2 Gozen went with the not-so-usual Reyna as their duelist for game two. Despite X10 Sapphire’s valiant efforts, G2 Gozen proved too much to handle as X10 Sapphire suffered a sweep after a 13-7 victory in game two by G2 Gozen. G2 Gozen advanced to the Upper Bracket Semifinals. G2 Gozen’s Mimi takes home the MVP nod.

Upper Bracket Semifinals

Cloud9 White versus G2 Gozen kicked off the first Upper Bracket Semifinals match. Both these teams won convincingly in the Quarterfinals. The matches between the two did not end up in a sweep for both sides. However, the scorelines of each game were not even close. Cloud9 White claimed the game-one victory with a 13-7 finish in Ascent. G2 Gozen, however, did the unthinkable and pulled off the reverse sweep. G2 Gozen took control of games two and three, finishing both games with a 13-6 and 13-3 scoreline, respectively. G2 Gozen will be the first to claim their ticket to the Upper Bracket Final. G2 Gozen’s Mimi took home yet again the MVP honors.

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