VCT 2022 APAC Stage 2 Knockouts Day 2 Recap

VCT 2022 APAC Stage 2 Knockouts Day 2 Recap
  • PublishedJune 25, 2022

The second day of the VALORANT Challengers Tour (VCT) 2022 APAC Stage 2 Playoffs saw Paper Rex and Team Secret win against their respective upper bracket matchups while Alter Ego and XERXIA Esports survive the lower brackets of the Knockouts.

Paper Rex Is Still Better Than BLEED eSports

Paper Rex gently reminded BLEED eSports that they were still the better team as they took their series 2-1.

It was BLEED who took the first blood of the series as Paper Rex lost Game 1 on Split 7-13. Paper Rex had a terrible first half as they only managed to scrap two rounds for themselves. They tried to catch up in the second half but were ultimately unable to do so.

With their backs against the wall, Paper Rex reversed the tide of the series on Fracture 13-4. This time around, Paper Rex started well as they basically won the first half 8-4. From there, it was simply just a piece of cake for Paper Rex as they went on an unanswered 5-round win streak in the second half to win the game. There was no better way for Paper Rex to end the game when their star duelist Jason “f0rsakeN” Susanto capped it off with an ace in the final round.

Paper Rex won the third and final game at Ascent to win the series. Paper Rex started the game well with a reversal of what happened in Game 1: a total of 10 rounds won in the first half. However, BLEED came close to forcing the game to extend but Paper Rex only ever needed three more rounds which they secured not long after. As such, Paper Rex closed the game with a 13-9 scoreline.

Team Secret’s Dominance Is Back

Team Secret’s dominance is back as they swept ONIC G 2-0.

Team Secret started the series with a quick 13-8 on Icebox. Team Secret lost the first two rounds before they found their groove and proceed to secure a 5-round win streak for themselves. Jessie “JessieVash” Cuyco’s great anchoring prevented ONIC G’s A-site executions. Team Secret had a bit of a scare when ONIC G proceeded to win the first four rounds before they finally adjusted and closed the game via a 5-round win streak for themselves yet again.

Team Secret capitalized on their momentum and immediately ended the series on Breeze 13-8. It was through the valiant efforts of both Jeremy “Jremy” Cabrera and Jim “BORKUM” Timbreza that gave them the edge to secure the first half 8-4 in their favor. From there, The second half became a scrappy battle for Team Secret wherein they ultimately prevailed to win the series.

Alter Ego Sends Griffin E-Sports Home

Alter Ego sent Griffin E-Sports home after they won via a 2-0 sweep.

The first game on Bind was secured by Alter Ego 13-11. The entire game was a back and forth fiasco where both teams showed their spirits and commendable game play. However, it was Alter Ego that prevailed as stole the game from Griffin by ending it in Round 24 before it went to over time.

Feeling good from the previous game, Alter Ego squashed Griffin on 13-3. They had a very good start in the first half as they won 9 rounds and only lost three times in the first half. From there, Alter Ego simply ended the game within the next four rounds.

XERXIA Esports Prevails Against BOOM Esports

XERXIA Esports prevailed against BOOM Esports as they won their matchup 2-1

XERXIA initially looked like they were still bothered by the fact that they were in the lower bracket as they lost 13-2 on Icebox. They only managed to get the two-round wins in the first half and were not given any chances by BOOMin the second half.

At the brink of elimination, XERXIA recouped to take Bind 13-7. They had a fantastic first half this time around as they dominantly secured ten rounds and lost only two. In the second half, it looked like BOOM was closing in to bite XERXIA down but the Thai representatives were able to shut down the Indonesian squad.

With both teams with one game apiece, XERXIA ultimately prevailed as they secured Ascent in a very domineering way. XERXIA only allowed BOOM to get on the board in the first half and secured 11 rounds for themselves. They did not allow complacency to creep into them as they immediately ended the series just after 2 rounds in the second half.

With the day’s results, Team Secret and Paper Rex will be facing each other at the upper bracket finals for the chance to be the first team to qualify for Copenhagen. Meanwhile, ONIC G and BLEED fall down to the lower bracket and will be facing Alter Ego and XERXIA respectively.

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