Valorant’s Agent 20: What we know and would want to know

Valorant’s Agent 20: What we know and would want to know
  • PublishedMarch 10, 2022

Riot Games has probably gotten tired of all the leakers publicizing future content before they do, so they made their next character to be a leaker.

Valorant Episode 4 Act III is right around the corner, and talks of its upcoming agent are already making the rounds. The newest agent has been teased around all the maps of Valorant, dropping “dossiers” that contain the information of all the agents in the Valorant Protocol, revealing their names, among other, more serious things.

One of the few easter eggs dropped to tease the upcoming agent

Nicknamed “Silence”, this upcoming agent apparently just cannot keep secrets to themselves. Valorant Agent 20 has gone around and revealed the deepest secrets of all the Valorant agents in the roster — their names. These little easter eggs can be found around the maps in Valorant, reportedly all in the Defender side of the map. They can be interacted in the same way as the ID card easter egg from the Fracture map. 

“Silence” has released 11 names so far, 12 if you count Omen’s “reveal”, provided that the leaker also seems confused with our favorite teleporting smoke man’s real identity. Here are the agent names released so far:

  • Sage – Ling Ying Wei 
  • Brimstone – Liam Byrne 
  • Viper – Sabine Callas 
  • Raze – Tayane Alves 
  • Omen – name unknown; can assume he does not have one 
  • Chamber – Vincent Fabron 
  • Neon – Tala Nicole Dimaapi Valdez 
  • Sova – Sasha Novikov 
  • Cypher – Amir El Amari 
  • Breach – Erik Torsten 
  • Killjoy – Klara Böhringer 
  • Skye – Kirra Foster
  • Jett – Joon-hee; no last name yet
  • Reyna – Zyanya; no last name yet

This leaves only Yoru, Phoenix, and the resident robot KAY/O to be the ones without having their names revealed, yet.

While this sneaky and snoopy upcoming agent has been revealing confidential information left and right , there is little to know information on the leaker itself, a.k.a them. Though, some fans have already begun speculating on the identity of this new agent. Some have been saying that the agent’s name would be Victoria Vector, a name that has appeared numerous times in the newest music video release of “Can’t Slow Me Down” featuring the speedy and flighty Korean agent Jett in her take over video.

Victoria Vector’s portrait can be seen displayed in one of the buildings

The character Victoria Vector seems to be a singer or musical artist in the world of Valorant, as her “poster” says that her new album is now out. Whether this may be her true identity or not, it would seem plausible that a high-level spy would be hiding in plain sight, using her identity as a musician to hide her true identity as a spy for working against the Valorant Protocol. Yes, she may be working for another organization, as it would be too hard to imagine someone who just leaks out information about the agents while also working for them. That just would not be a very effective threat, wouldn’t it? But if that were true, how would she be working with the other agents lore-wise?

Fans also speculate that the upcoming agent would be an initiator, as someone so skillful in espionage would better fit the role whose main purpose is to gather enough intel on the enemy and charge when their guard is at the lowest. Maybe they would have a scouting utility as powerful as Sova’s Revealing Arrows, or maybe a completely unique intel-gathering skill the same way Jett has her passive ability, Drift. Their ultimate could also be an improved version of Skye’s seekers, seeing as her initial art logo reveals eyes and some sort of tentacle-like tendrils attached to it.

Eyes and tentacles? Sounds like a Beholder to me.

Agent 20 will not reveal itself until Act 4 Episode III, which is months away from the time of writing. We certainly hope Riot Games does not disappoint with all the teasing they’ve been doing and actually deliver a character that lives up to the hype that came before it.

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