Valorant India Invitational: Conclusion

Valorant India Invitational: Conclusion

    Last Updated on February 16, 2023

Valorant India Invitational by Galaxy Racer concluded on November 23, 2022. A total of eight teams in the Asia Pacific region went head-to-head in the tournament. The tournament featured prominent teams from Asia Pacific such as Team Secret, Paper Rex, Bleed Esports, BOOM Esports, and Rex Regum Qeon.

With many big names playing in the tournament, it can be seen as a precursor to the VCT 2023 season in the Asia Pacific. Exciting action unfolded and it is always fun to see our favorite teams battle it out before the start of the season.

A total of $100,000 prize pool will be spread out to the eight participating teams. The distribution of the prize pool is as follows:

1st Place: $50,000
2nd Place: $20,000
3rd-4th Place: $10,000
5th-8th Place: $2,500

The tournament followed a Group Stage format composed of two groups with four teams each, employing a round-robin format with all matches scored as a best-of-one. The top two teams from each group will advance to the playoffs.

The Playoffs followed a single-elimination bracket with all matches being a best-of-three with the exception of the Grand Final which is a best-of-five.

Group Stage

VALORANT India Invitational Results

Group A

Enigma Gaming hoped for a better showing in the tournament however, their results left much to be desired. Enigma Gaming exits the tournament after placing dead last in Group A being unable to win a single match. Rex Regum Qeon was so close to qualifying for the playoffs having a similar 2-1 record with the top two seeds of Group A. However, the round wins and losses became their downfall as they exit the tournament. Team Heretics and Team Secret advanced to the playoffs securing positive win-loss rounds in the Group Stages.

Group B

BOOM Esports had a disappointing showing in the Group Stage being unable to win a single match despite being a strong VCT Team. GodSquad surprised the competition by having a 2-1 win-loss record, but they fell short in round wins and losses. Paper Rex and Bleed Esports displayed their dominance in the group stage as they advanced to the Playoffs.



Team Heretics and Bleed eSports faced each other in the Semifinals. Team Heretics were able to outpace VCT team Bleed eSports sweeping them 2-0. Paper Rex and Team Secret dueled in the Semifinals in a classic matchup in VCT APAC. Like in recent memory, Paper Rex was able to get the better of Team Secret, winning the Semifinals 2-1 against their rivals. 

Team Heretics and Paper Rex battled it out in the Grand Finals for the championship. Team Heretics was able to steal one map away from VCT APAC’s top dog Paper Rex. However, Paper Rex’s dominance and aggressiveness proved to be too much for Team Heretics as Paper Rex was able to win 3-1 in the Grand Finals.

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