VALORANT Episode 5, Act 1: New Battle Pass, Map, and Bundle

VALORANT Episode 5, Act 1: New Battle Pass, Map, and Bundle
  • PublishedJune 17, 2022

VALORANT Episode 5 arrives on Wednesday, June 22, 2022. The episode will also bring the new Battle Pass, Map, and Bundle. There will also be new changes coming to competitive play as a new rank is unlocked — Ascendant.

You’ll find plenty of amazing content coming your way, so let’s get to know them one by one.

Episode 5 Battle Pass

The Episode 5 Battle Pass costs the regular 1,000VP and will be released on June 22, 2022. The main free highlights are the Shimmer Classic, Operation: Vacation Player Card, That’s a Blowout Spray, and the Perfect Pattern Gun Buddy.

If you’re planning to buy the Episode 5 Battle Pass, the main paid highlights are the Task Force 809 Knife, Task Force 809 Phantom, Spitfire Operator, Enter the Duelists Player Card, Never Forget Leg Day Spray, and the Cat Tactics Gun Buddy.

Episode 5 Battle Pass Stickers & Gun Buddies | KJC Pancreas

The Battle Pass also contains 13 new player cards, 15 new sprays, and 10 new gun buddies that you can unlock at any time. Laura Baltzer, the Producer for Riot Games, said, “With this battlepass, we wanted to create items that made players feel like they were the best of the best.”

New Map: Pearl

Episode 5 New Map: Pearl | RIOT Games

Also coming to Episode 5 is the new map — Pearl. It will also be released on June 22 alongside the Battle Pass. It is the eighth map and the first one set on Omega Earth.

There are no mechanics like teleporters, doors, or ascenders. Instead, it’s a three-lane map with small mid and long-range wings. Pearl’s key features include:

  • Being underwater
  • 3 lane map
  • Attackers descend into Defender territory
  • Set in Omega Earth
  • Features murals from actual Portuguese muralists
  • Features a traditional piece of Portuguese music, a fado, from Portuguese artists

Joe Lansford, the Level Designer for Riot Games, stated that they “wanted to make a map that was a little more straightforward. Pearl demands committed engagements, without the rotation and mobility support of doors, ascenders, or teleporters.”

Prelude to Chaos Skin Line

Episode 5 New Skin Line: Prelude to Chaos | RIOT Games

Last on our list for Episode 5 is a new bundle — Prelude to Chaos. The skin bundle costs 8,700VP and is set to be released on June 22. The bundle includes these weapons: 

  • Two-Handed Sword (melee)
  • Vandal
  • Operator
  • Shorty
  • Stinger

Sean Marino, the Associate Art Director for Riot Games, says, “We noticed that a lot of players loved the Reaver skins but we didn’t have a sci-fi skin that hit the same dark tone as Reaver.” 

That’s when Chris Stone, the Principal Artist, says that the recent resurgence of classic arena shooters, I felt it was the perfect time to bring that nostalgia and heavy sci-fantasy into the world of VALORANT.

New Rank Changes

There are also reports of new ranked changes for Episode 5. In the new episode, a new ranked will be introduced called Ascendant. It’s set as a rank above Diamond but below Immortal.

The new episode also brings adjusted rank grouping restrictions, placements, and 5-stack penalties. Full details are set to arrive in the upcoming Patch Notes 5.0.

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