VALORANT Champions 2021 Day 3: X10 Crit Falls Against Envy

VALORANT Champions 2021 Day 3: X10 Crit Falls Against Envy
  • PublishedDecember 4, 2021

X10 Crit fell against Team Envy as they lost without winning a game in their best-of-3 series opener.

Game 1 happened in Breeze with X10 starting out strong, starting the game with 3 rounds in the lead, and ending the halftime tied. However, Envy dominated the second half thus ending the match 13-8.

Unfortunately for X10, Game 2 on Ascent was where Envy closed out the series as it ended 13-7.

As with their defeat, X10 will be facing Acend in Group A’s elimination matches on December 6.

On the other hand, the rest of Day 3 ended this way:

  • Vivo Keyd’s distinguished aggressiveness was more than enough to beat Acend as they won their match 2-1.
  • Vision Strikers’ recurring tactics were just enough to confuse and outplay Fnatic as they won 2-1.

Meanwhile, Team Secret and FULL SENSE are set to face Crazy Racoons (December 5) and Cloud 9 (December 6) respectively for their elimination matches.

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