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University of West London Now Offers Two New Esports Degrees

University of West London Now Offers Two New Esports Degrees

    Last Updated on May 3, 2024

Are you passionate about esports and considering a career in this fast-paced industry? The University of West London has just expanded your horizons with the introduction of two innovative University of West London Esports Degrees. Starting in September 2024, these programs will equip you with the skills needed to excel in the burgeoning field of competitive gaming.


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Overview of the New Esports Degrees

The University of West London is set to launch two specialized degrees: the VSc Esports Management with Event Production and the FDSc Coaching for Eplayers. These University tailored the degrees to meet the industry’s growing demand for skilled professionals.

The Esports Management degree will delve into the intricacies of event production, digital marketing, and risk management, while the Coaching degree focuses on player well-being, nutrition, and team dynamics.

Facilities and Location

You’ll study at the University’s state-of-the-art Digital Futures Lab, located on the vibrant London campus. This hub of innovation is the perfect setting for the University of West London Esports Degrees, providing you with cutting-edge resources to hone your skills.

Course Content and Structure

The Esports Management degree, run by the London Geller College of Hospitality and Tourism, spans three years and covers a wide range of relevant topics. Meanwhile, the two-year Coaching degree aims to build expertise in areas critical to player performance and team success.

The lecturers who crafted the curriculum have extensive experience in events, gaming, and sports psychology. Their industry knowledge will ensure that you’re learning from the best and gaining insights that are directly applicable to the esports world.

Historical Context and Alumni

The University of West London, with a history dating back to 1860, is no stranger to excellence. It boasts a diverse student body and notable alumni, including Freddie Mercury. The University’s legacy is now set to include these pioneering esports degrees.

Comments from the University

James Edmunds, Associate Pro Vice-Chancellor and Dean at UWL’s LGCHT. Emphasizes the holistic approach of the University of West London Esports Degrees. The programs aim to immerse students in gaming both theoretically and practically, leveraging West London’s proximity to leading esports companies.


As you consider your future in esports. The University of West London Esports Degrees represent a significant step towards a dynamic career in the industry. With hands-on experience and expert guidance, these programs are poised to shape the next generation of esports professionals.

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