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Todak Adds Two New Players, Coach, And Manager To Its Roster

Malaysian-based organization Todak added two new players in Muhammad “FrostyZ” Adam and Ahmad Aqil Bin “kayle” Ariff, a new coach in Muhammad Danial Haiqal Bin Mohamad “InDescrypt” Najib, and a new manager in Abdul Halim Aiman Bin “Haslem” Azhar.

The announcements were made on Todak’s VALORANT Instagram where they dedicated separate posts for the players and support staff.

Despite its recent announcement, the signing of both FrostyZ and Kayle wasn’t much of a surprise for most Todak fans as both players have suited up before when Todak competed at the BLEED Summer Open where they finished in 7th-8th place after losing to a new iteration of Team UwU.

With the new additions to their team, Todak’s VALORANT roster now includes the following:

  • Muhammad “FrostyZ” Adam
  • Ahmad Aqil Bin “kayle” Ariff
  • Idzni “Click” Rosdi
  • Fakhrul “jeed” Najeed
  • Muhd “kael” Tarmizi
  • Shamir “subbey” Zaman
  • Muhammad Danial Haiqal Bin Mohamad “InDescrypt” Najib (Coach)
  • Abdul Halim Aiman Bin “Haslem” Azhar (Manager)
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