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TI11 Main Event Day 4: Recap

TI11 Main Event Day 4: Recap
  • PublishedOctober 29, 2022

We are inching closer and closer to the end of The International 2022. With one day before the Finals Weekend, let’s take a recap of the fourth day of the Main Event. A total of four matches, all in the Lower Bracket, day 4 is a day meant to be full of thrills and heartbreak. Shocking upsets and dreams that came true, and the day was full of storylines waiting to unfold. These teams had to bear it all to further their journey and survive in The International 2022.

Lower Bracket


PSG.LGD vs. beastcoast

The tumultuous day that happened on October 23rd started with South American representative beastcoast and perennial heavyweights of China PSG.LGD. Out of the two teams, PSG.LGD is heavily favored to contend for the championship in TI11. However, beastcoast was not planning to back down from a fight. Beastcoast claimed first blood as they secured a 1-0 lead after winning a grueling 51-minute match in game one. Game two of the series was a different story from PSG.LGD, as they established their dominance in the early game behind the Axe-Lifestealer infest bomb, evening out the series 1-1. Game three was a dangerously close match in the early game. However, PSG.LGD was able to mount a lead in the midgame and never looked back. PSG.LGD advanced further to the Lower Bracket.

OG vs. Team Liquid

The day’s second match was fan favorites OG and The International veteran Team Liquid. It should be an exciting bout, as these two teams are heavily talented and touted to go deep in the tournament. However, expectations are far from reality. Team Liquid woke up feeling dangerous and decided that their victim would be OG. Team Liquid made quick work of OG with a sweep of 2-0. Both games lasted 33 minutes, with total dominance asserted by Team Liquid, and OG simply didn’t have an answer. Team Liquid advanced further to the Lower Bracket.

Team Aster vs. PSG.LGD

The third match was a battle between Chinese representatives Team Aster and PSG.LGD. Although PSG.LGD is a perennial contender; Team Aster is putting up stellar performances in the tournament. Team Aster proceeded to take the first game after 44 minutes behind their artillery of Lina and Drow Ranger. With the same play style from game one, Team Aster stuck to their guns literally. They dominated game two behind heavy artillery and completed the sweep against favorites PSG.LGD. Team Aster survived and advanced further to the Lower Bracket.

Thunder Awaken vs. Team Liquid

The fourth match between Thunder Awaken and Team Liquid was a thrilling series to watch. Game one of the series was full of back-to-back action, and there was no clear winner. Thunder Awaken pulled ahead of Team Liquid and took a 1-0 series lead after 57 minutes of DOTA. Team Liquid came back with a vengeance in game two as they did quick work of Thunder Awaken after 35 minutes. The elimination match, game three, shared a similar story to game one. Game three was full of game-changing clashes for both teams showing their determination to survive in the tournament. After 50 minutes, Team Liquid finished the game and ended the hopes of Thunder Awaken despite their valiant efforts. Team Liquid will face Team Aster on October 29.

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