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TI11 Main Event Day 1: Recap

TI11 Main Event Day 1: Recap
  • PublishedOctober 21, 2022

The International 2022 Main Stage had officially started. As the name suggests, this is what truly matters. No holds barred, all teams who qualified will fight for their lives in the cruelest part of the tournament. Sixteen teams will play in a double-elimination bracket with best of three matches with the exception of the first round of the Lower Bracket. Four teams went home today, and many more journeys will soon end.

Upper Bracket


First seed of Group A, Evil Geniuses, faced off against the third seed of Group B, Thunder Awaken. The pressure is on for Evil Geniuses after dominating the Group Stage. However, as many of us know, anything can happen in The International. Thunder Awaken managed to pull off the upset against Evil Geniuses, making a statement by sweeping Evil Geniuses 2-0. advancing to the Upper Bracket Round 2. 

Second seed of Group B, Team Secret, faced off against third seed of Group A and perennial favorites, PSG.LGD. PSG.LGD was heavily favored to win the series, but just like the first Upper Bracket match, the underdog seems to be lucky indeed. Team Secret managed to pull off the unthinkable upset against PSG.LGD, and the biggest surprise was they won with a dominating 2-0 sweep. Team Secret will face off against Thunder Awaken at the second round of the Upper Bracket.

Lower Bracket


The battle of South America, Hokori versus Beastcoast, started off the Lower Bracket. It is sad to see that both representatives will send the other home, but only one shall claim victory. Beastcoast sent Hokori home in 36 minutes of action as they advanced to live another day. 

After barely qualifying to the playoffs, BOOM Esports was dealt a tough battle as they faced off against former TI10 champions Team Spirit. With the theme of the day being the underdog story, BOOM Esports continued the trend. In an unprecedented manner, BOOM Esports sent the former champions home with an upset after 40 minutes. 

South East Asia representative Fnatic matched up against Western Europe representative Gaimin Gladiators in the Lower Bracket. After a long drawn-out battle, Gaimin Gladiators claimed victory over Fnatic after 50 minutes of DOTA. Gaimin Gladiators survive in the Lower Bracket.

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